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Avinguda Verona I Terol, 41, Camping V'all D'or - 17250, Platja d'Aro
672 65 45 18

The Barcelona Costa Brava beach camp includes camping accommodation, 2 meals a day, daily yoga, free snorkel hire, local activities and crazy nights and a great vibe

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Secluded beaches, clear blue waters and constant sunshine make the Costa Brava an unmissable destination this summer! Don’t stay in the boring resorts, come and chill in our beachside Costa Brava campsite, where we make sure that the days are full of fun, sunny Mediterranean activities, and the nights are for sultry Spanish shenanigans, bar hopping, or just chilling by the camp with our new best friends.

Costa Brava is well known for never ending sunshine, first class beaches, the best nature has to offer, wild nightlife, and generally a great time, and in that it doesn’t disappoint!

Sitting on some prime sandy real estate, our new Costa Brava beach camp is on one of the best beaches on the Mediterranean coastline. The Stoke camp is located right on the shore front which makes every day just that much sweeter.  A typical day might consist of a little morning beach yoga followed by a homemade breakfast, a dip in the crystal clear ocean, and catching a few rays. In the afternoons we up the anti and get active, we either hit the beach for beach games and beers with amigos, or leave camp to explore the area,  take on some watersports, or if you’re feeling particularly cultural then jump on one of our shuttle buses to check our what’s going on in neighboring city, Barcelona! 

Costa Brava might have a gorgeous trail of beaches, but it has an even better trail of bars and clubs. So when the sun goes down, have some beers at the campsite with your new mates before heading out to the nightlife of Costa Brava! If you want to join the group, which you almost surely will, then we’ll either be wondering into town lead by the Stoke crew, who will make sure you get the best drinks deals in the bars, and discounts into the best clubs in the area. Once you’re done for the night it’s a super easy stroll from the center of town back to your own tent to rest your spinning head … assuming that you want to go back to your own tent. If the party group is feeling more adventurous we might head to Lloret de Mar, or even jump on the bus to Barcelona to check out the nightlife scene over there. There’s never a shortage of crazy nights that’s for sure. 

Our dedicated Stoke Travel Passport holders may book 2 or more Barcelona Costa Brava nights from their Stoke Travel Passport. Unsure what the Stoke Travel Passport is? Check it out here! Your universe will change. *€10 surcharge when you book this trip 

Walk on down to the watersports centre and get out on some kayaks or stand up paddle boards to see the coast from the water *These can be added on to your package for €45*. Or you can opt for some cliff jumping or go for a coastal walk along the coves.

If your going out, get ready to head out the campsite for the night and join the Stoke Crew  and your fellow campmates for drinks under the stars on the beach or into town to hit up the bars and clubs. The Stoke guides will give you expert party advice of the best places to head to for live music, good drinks deals and best vibes!

Located at the gorgeous Platja d’Aro, our campsite is directly on the beach so you can go from tent to sand in minutes. Wake up with to yoga on the beach before going for a stroll along the sandy beach or you can take a walk into town in time to see all the shops opening for the day. Platja d’aro hosts a local market every Friday and there are so many activity options along the coast which will ensure that you get the best experience of the area while you are here. Try out some watersports for the ultimate adventure, there is nothing greater than kayaking and snorkelling along the Mediterranean coastline in the height of summer! 

Check Omio for the best deals on flights, busses and trains. If you fly, take the L1 bus from the Barcelona airport terminal and get off at the bus stop Platja d’Aro (Estació). Head on to the main road and take a right, follow this road and head straight on at the first roundabout and at the next roundabout take a left, at the end of the road on your left will be the grand gated entrance to the campsite. From the bus stop to the camp is about a 20 minute walk.

Walking is the best method of transport to get around Platja d’Aro.There are shops, bars, clubs and beach bars all within walking distance of the campsite. You can use the local bus service to access Lloret de Mar, Palamós, Sant Feliu de Guíxols and S’Agaró if you want to explore a bit further afield.

We sit right on the beach at Platja d’Aro so you can go from tent to sand in 3 minutes, Promise! Each day we start off with some team yoga on the beach followed by a freshly cooked breakfast. Then you can choose to hang out at the campsite making the most of our open bar (from 10am – 10pm for only €10/day) or head out for the day to explore the beautiful coastline of Costa Brava. Happy Hour is from 6pm at camp which involves drinking games, chatting with your new campmates and getting ready for the night ahead. Have dinner with us (included in all of our all-inclusive packages) and then head out with your new mates to check out the nightlife of Platja d’Aro!

Sunscreen, beachwear, a towel, something awesome to party in, a camera, condoms (better safe than sorry!), a torch to see the inside of your tent, a pillow. Just the essentials!

Breakfast is baconny and eggy and delicious. Sometimes there’s a pancake or two thrown in. Our chefs are very talented and can also cater for any dietary requirements just make sure to email us in advance.

There is no problem checking you guys in after reception hours as we will still have staff and security around to help you check-in and find your way around our campsite.

Head straight in the main gate and head to the reception to get yourself checked-in. As long as you remember your own name this will be super simple and they will point you in the direction of our Stoke corner of the campsite where you can come join us for a welcome beer.

The trip was amazing. The coast is so beautiful & the camp is in walking distance to the ocean. We hung around, played beach games and were able to explore caves and pirate coves. The on site crew was super nice & everyone was so happy. Michael was a funny guy but don’t be scared to ask for something if you need!

This trip was super fun! We kept busy but also chilled at the same time. The campsite was apart of a larger camping area which was cool because there was showers and all that. I’d recommend this trip!

The yoga was a good workout and a perfect way to start the day before we explored the coast & drank sangria on the beach. This camp really allows you to mingle with other travelers and even the workers from Stoke who are super friendly!

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Horario de apertura

  • Lunes: 8:00–23:00
  • Martes: 8:00–23:00
  • Miércoles: 8:00–23:00
  • Jueves: 8:00–23:00
  • Viernes: 8:00–23:00
  • Sábado: 8:00–23:00
  • Domingo: 8:00–23:00

Barcelona Costa Brava Beach Camp: Opiniones

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Emma Broomfield 04/05/2020

Experiencia fantástica: Todos son muy acogedores y acomodados al personal fueron increíbles

Martin T 04/05/2020

Experiencia fantástica: Me quedé aquí en agosto y estaba realmente impresionado con el campamento. ¡Excelentes instalaciones, justo en la playa y bien organizados! Mucha diversión.

Michael Gallagher 04/05/2020

Experiencia fantástica: Configuración brillante, personal divertido, buena comida y paisajes increíbles

Declan Underwood 04/05/2020

Experiencia fantástica: Absolutamente enfermo! Así que se enfría y las personas más geniales que trabajan aquí. ¡Definitivamente volveré!

Sam Riome 04/05/2020

Experiencia fantástica: Tuve un tiempo impresionante aquí. El personal fue fantástico, especialmente Michael Cany, lo bienvenido que me hicieron sentir una experiencia truelamente fantástica, excelente comida, excelente gente en un lugar impresionante

David Spargo 03/09/2019

Experiencia fantástica: Me alojé aquí en agosto y fue increíble. Genial para salir del ajetreo y el bullicio de Barcelona, ​​pero aún así estar cerca. Hermosas playas y personal increíblemente amable ¿Qué más podrías desear?

Amanda McGlashan 30/08/2019

Experiencia fantástica: Este fue un hallazgo increíble, los chicos nos hicieron sentir tan bienvenidos, ¡se sentían como en casa! El campamento era un ambiente súper frío, ¡exactamente lo que necesitábamos! ¡Definitivamente lo recomendaría a cualquiera!

Caitlin Griffiths 30/08/2019

Experiencia fantástica: ¡Lo más destacado de nuestro viaje hasta ahora! Michael, Jared y Martin fueron increíbles nuestra estadía, súper servicial, amigable y muy divertida para pasar el rato. El campamento fue increíble y muy cerca de la playa. Terminó duplicando nuestra estadía porque no queríamos irnos y todavía estaba molesto por decir adiós. ¡Ojalá pudiéramos hacerlo de nuevo y lo recomendaría a cualquiera!

mack milligan 30/08/2019

Experiencia fantástica: Increíble personal increíble. Buena comida. Michael, Jared, Martin eran personas tan grandes de llevarse bien y tan útiles. Las mejores personas, excelente lugar, la mejor experiencia. Recomendaría esto a todos.

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