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Plaza España, 6 - 17320, Tossa de Mar
+34 972 341 886

The Hotel Diana is an emblematic modernist style boutique hotel located on the beachfront within the historic centre of Tossa de Mar. With an unmistakable architectural style, the work of Antoni de Falguera i Sivilla, a disciple and collaborator of Puig Cadafalch, and over 100 years of history, the building is protected as a Singular Building by the Tossa de Mar Town Council. The interior design preserves the Modernist character and its rooms, decorated with sophisticated furniture, offer views of the sea or the Plaza de España. As it is an old private house converted into a hotel, all its rooms are different. Each room has special details that make it unique.

Opening hours

  • Monday: Abierto 24 horas
  • Tuesday: Abierto 24 horas
  • Wednesday: Abierto 24 horas
  • Thursday: Abierto 24 horas
  • Friday: Abierto 24 horas
  • Saturday: Abierto 24 horas
  • Sunday: Abierto 24 horas

Hotel Diana: Reviews

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Pere Pascual 04/05/2022

Fantastic experience: Charm place in an idyllic place. Very friendly and helpful. Breakfast of 10.

Ella 04/05/2022

Fantastic experience: Beautiful hotel both inside and outside in a modernist historical building. Some rooms overlooking the sea. Very good breakfast and dinner.

Hotel Diana 04/05/2022

Fantastic experience: An emblematic building. Modern architecture. A very close and friendly service.

María José Fernández Amor 19/04/2022

Fantastic experience: Hotel with a lot of charm, the room is very nice, the bed is big and comfortable. My partner and I really liked it.

Francoise Robin 13/04/2022

Fantastic experience: Perfect stay Lovely room and excellent hotel location Muy congratulated Tere for his very friendly welcome

Joanimen 04/04/2022

Fantastic experience: The hotel is beautiful, both inside and out. The room very well, and it comes with Netflix included which is a hoot. The staff, both in the hotel and in the restaurant, are very polite and friendly. Pd: at the hotel they leave you a towel and an umbrella apart from a key for a nearby pool

Pilar Albó Rigau 04/04/2022

Fantastic experience: Seafront with an excellent pan Very good price quality

Matías Galaz Rojas 04/04/2022

Fantastic experience: A unique experience and to always repeat. From the telephone service and each of the workers we meet. Perfect food. The views from the rooms facing the sea are spectacular. The Diana Suite is undoubtedly the jewel in the crown. Every detail is taken care of and is appreciated. We will always return.

jose maza 04/04/2022

Fantastic experience: Restaurant with friendly and attentive service, very good food, I particularly liked the fideuá.

Tacha MJ 04/04/2022

Fantastic experience: A very good stay and very very good attention from the staff !!! The truth is that they are very professional and make you feel super good !!

Rosa Camps 04/04/2022

Fantastic experience: Due to the situation of the beautiful Modernista and Indiano building, the treatment of the receptionist Esther and the waiter Juan who did not stop serving you everything and more with his sympathy ... the terrace with views and the breakfasts and delicious meals in a beautiful Patio

Dominique Senaud 03/04/2022

Positive experience: Excellent hotel, very well located, spacious and quality room. Too bad the host lady (Mrs. A.) does not make any effort to understand us, she speaks only in Spanish and very quickly .... strange for a 4 * .... I highly recommend this establishment despite the inconvenience.

Estrella Mansilla 04/11/2021

Fantastic experience: Super clean and beautiful room, we were praised with one that has a terrace overlooking the sea. The super attentive and affectionate staff, to repeat, without a doubt !!! As for the food they offer, we cannot say the same. We had dinner one night on the terrace and we ordered first a casserole of garlic prawns and they were reheated, second a sea bass with vegetables harder than the sole of a shoe, the menu prices are not for such services. The waiters treated us luxury !!!

Sebastià Grinyó Martí 03/11/2021

Positive experience: is an emblematic modernist boutique hotel located at the foot of the beach in the historic center of Tossa de Mar. With an unmistakable architectural style, the work of Antoni de Falguera i Sivilla, disciple and collaborator of Puig i Cadafalch, and more than 100 years of history, the building is protected as a Singular building by the City of Tossa de Mar. the interior design retains its modernist character and its rooms, decorated with sophisticated furniture, overlook the sea or the Spanish Steps. Very good attention. In the restaurant the menu is correct and the dishes of good quality. Correct prices, in relation Recommended.

Chris Hands 03/11/2021

Positive experience: This is the place to stay waterside in Tossa de Mar. The building is kept warm and comfortable. It’s family run and the staff were helpful to guide us to the parking garage. Access to own remote control ( deposit to leave). A full breakfast for which we paid extra. A memorable town with a nice walk up to the walled ancient heights with spectacular views across the water and coast. Far quieter and more appealing than Lloret de mar. We hope to return…

Ricky morera 31/10/2021

Fantastic experience: We love everything, the elegance of the place, the comfort, the treatment, the food, great!

Ramon Alvarez Roig 04/10/2021

Fantastic experience: Nice hotel, very good treatment, very complete breakfast and very well located.

Danielle Frantz 04/10/2021

Fantastic experience: Superb service and the perfect location. The entire hotel is lovely LOOK NO FURTHER this is truly the best stay in tossa! A beautiful historic building, clean spacious rooms, great beach front restaurant and helpful polite staff.

Phil Andrz 03/10/2021

Positive experience: Very good service and impeccable room Very good breakfast Only downside no car parking available when we arrived

Lina Savickiene 10/07/2021

Fantastic experience: I love all. Clean room, friendly staff. Would return 100%

Brunet Planas Raymond 04/07/2021

Fantastic experience: Thank you Eric always available and this exceptional view of the old town

Joan Gabarro Bisbal 04/07/2021

Fantastic experience: Excellent hotel, unbeatable location, a real marvel of architecture. The reception Esther a ten of kindness and attention, the delicious breakfast and the super attentive waiter, great. PS: Tossa is beautiful

M.S. Blueberry 04/05/2021

Fantastic experience: Very friendly and competent service, to be highlighted. Very well preserved historical modernist building. Comfortable rooms with views of the sea and the castle and well equipped (Netflix!). Excellent breakfast even with COVID standards

Regina Aragonés Margalef 04/05/2021

Fantastic experience: A wonderful hotel on the beachfront, we loved it !!

Ricardo Sandoval Pérez 04/05/2021

Fantastic experience: It is very nice inside and the food was very good, the waiters very attentive and me DF or the hotel is very clean

Jordi Verges Muste 04/05/2021

Fantastic experience: Spectacular hotel to go with your partner, not with small children. Correct cuisine related to the price. Since the restaurant is not expensive. The Mr. Juan meter is one of those professionals who no longer exist, well, I hope the management knows what that it has and do not let it escape, it is 50% of the taste of the stay. the terrace table where you have breakfast is priceless.It is not cheap but it offers what you pay for

Di Di 04/05/2021

Fantastic experience: Perfect hotel. Unbeatable location. On the beachfront and rear access to the shopping street, which takes you to the old town and castle. The hotel preserves the essence of other times but tastefully renovated, new rooms and bathrooms with an old-fashioned setting. The workers are very professional, all very correct and helpful. Great quality meals. Half board you can have lunch or dinner and the kitchen is open all day. The servings are large. All the dishes on the menu are of a very good quality. Perhaps it would be good if they changed the menu every X days, since if these many days it can be repetitive but for 5 days enough variety. The perfect breakfast. A la carte they have everything you ask for.

felix perero 03/05/2021

Positive experience: Very nice and excellent this hotel

Anna Bielsa 03/05/2021

Positive experience: Very good, I was only one day and night but very well. Kindness is something that I really liked

Ramon Monfort Ortega 03/05/2021

Positive experience: Very attentive service and very clean hotel

Mary Delcampo 13/09/2020

Fantastic experience: We have been eating and it has been all great, the waiter Juan was super attentive, I allowed myself to be advised and both the salad and the death squid dessert one last time I recommend it!

Olga Ruiz 04/05/2020

Fantastic experience: A HOTEL WITH MUCH CHARM.

Ludovic Bonneau 04/05/2020

Fantastic experience: Very nice hotel and very very well placed Very friendly team Very good restaurant with great value for money I highly recommend

Cristobal Parra 04/05/2020

Fantastic experience: Excellent hotel service and terrace. Bartenders very polite and attentive. Thank you....

Priit Kallas 04/05/2020

Fantastic experience: When we arrived, we had a booking for just one night in a more modest room on the second floor. We loved everything so much in that little town that we decided to stay for another night. The hotel offered us the suite at the top floor. They said that it’s the best room in the city. And it was. Bathroom with a huge window overlooking the beach, four balconies. And the price for it was very affordable.

eloisa tellodec 04/05/2020

Fantastic experience: WE LOVED

Pilar García 04/05/2020

Fantastic experience: The exceptional treatment and the very rich food

Stephanie Voegele 04/05/2020

Fantastic experience: We had a great experience staying at hotel Diana! Beautiful location and friendly and helpful staff.

maridolors 04/05/2020

Fantastic experience: Very good attention and very good cuisine. All great. The only thing that did not seem right, is that the letter did not say that the ice cream was made of tub. As explained it seemed that it was a homemade dessert, and then it turns out that it is a tub for which they charge you a fortune ... The rest is all recommended.

institut de clo 03/05/2020

Positive experience: Hotel with beautiful old decor. Located in the city center with beach and city exit. Very friendly and helpful team. Fresh meal and very well cooked. Beachfront terrace very nice. Only downside hotel very noisy. The door of the closed room you can hear everything in the hallway and around: doors slamming, customers talking aloud in the corridors, chairs lying on the floor. The configuration of the hotel and the lack of savoir-vivre of the guests give this cozy place a youth hostel atmosphere, really a shame.

Ruben PL 03/05/2020

Positive experience: Modern hotel on the seafront, with a garden terrace, chillout and restaurant in the same hotel. Estances cpmuns precious manor. Very good buffet breakfast, which includes ready-made meals such as scrambled or fried eggs, toasted with guacamole, champignon, etc. It cleans very well, friendly staff, and free services are very useful such as the towel loan and umbrella for the platka, as well as umbrellas if it rains. I do not put 5 stars because the price per night seems like excessive hair for the room we had, on the first floor.

Yurij Menicocci 04/05/2019

Fantastic experience: Hotel Diana truly magical. Courtesy sympathy and magic all in this place. Breakfast on the beautiful interior patio, aperitif on the terrace all perfect. It has a private parking nearby and to check in you can go to the pedestrian area facing the sea and stop for 10 minutes.

josephine marquez 04/05/2019

Fantastic experience: I felt enchanted by the tato. Breakfast in the middle of the inner square of the hotel, it was magical, then you go out and you have the beach in front. Magical simply

Jorge cabrera flores 04/05/2019

Fantastic experience: If you had to put a sticker the restaurant's letter a little short otherwise everything ok the large and clean rooms the very professional staff without reaching the burden

Fabian Hannemann 04/05/2019

Fantastic experience: The staff were exceptionally friendly and helpful. The hotel looks nice and is at a great location. The view from the lounge area outside is fantastic. Would definitely come back!

Gladys Ashenfelter 04/05/2019

Fantastic experience: Centrally located boutique hotel with beautiful views of the sea and castle. Loved the friendly and helpful staff. I highly recommend this hotel.

Fede Magrans 04/05/2019

Fantastic experience: Excellent hotell of Tossa de Mar, very good located in front of the sea with magnificent views, the breakfast abudante, the friendly staff with an exquisite cleaning, really worth making a visit since it is located in an old modernist mansion

Sirius lee 04/05/2019

Fantastic experience: Beautiful and old-fashioned Diana Hotel I feel like I am staying in a museum. And the breakfast is very good and the service is good too. The staff in the lobby is also very friendly and English conversation is smooth. I want to come again.

Erlinde V 04/05/2019

Fantastic experience: Exactly one year ago my mother celebrated her 75th birthday in this beautiful and authentic stylish hotel. Even now, a year later, we still remember it with a warm heart. This was mainly due to the sweetest and greatest hostess ever -> Elena !! She ensured that we were given the nicest rooms next to each other at the front, overlooking the sea and the fairy-tale castle on the rocks. She also arranged a beautiful and colorful bunch of flowers in my mother's room. She was ready for us all those days and nothing was too much to ask. Elena we would like to thank you again in this way for these memorable and very beautiful days that you have given us. Love fam.Vegenegen

Nuria de Pedro Lopez 04/05/2019

Positive experience: Very good all menu menu a little excasa

Nil Martin 03/05/2019

Positive experience: Excellent location, as it is on the beachfront and in the center through the back entrance. Large and comfortable rooms with TV and small balcony. Large bathrooms and huge showers. Breakfast is not bad, it is a small "buffet" and you can choose menu items such as toast or typical American breakfasts, although for € 15 you can eat a menu almost anywhere, it was somewhat expensive. The treatment of the very correct staff. The parking space (fee, € 8 / day). It has a tremendously difficult access, because if the car is something big or long things get complicated. The hotel terrace was very nice, both inside and outside. Note: (8/10)

Jean-Claude GARREL 03/05/2019

Positive experience: Perfect hotel.Beware of the parking lot, access to which is very technical, it seems difficult not to hang in the access ramp if you go out a little by car And moreover not given as a price. JC

Isabel Barberà Molina 04/05/2018

Positive experience: Fantastic!

Mme “Zineb Bouabid” Seffar 04/05/2018

Fantastic experience: Simply amazing! Great staff! Great service! Great location! Great breakfast! Very clean and quiet!

Aproniana Celades Saether 04/05/2018

Fantastic experience: Once again a very nice lunch experience at la Terraza, hotel Diana.

Stephen “Stephen” S 04/05/2018

Fantastic experience: Superb old hotel.

RacOnCrac 04/05/2018

Fantastic experience: Great hotel, i can recommend to all.

Marc Garrigou 04/05/2018

Fantastic experience: The location is perfect, seaside and city center. Clean and a small balcony facing the beach. Very nice home.

Gregory Pelts 04/05/2018

Fantastic experience: Beautiful boutique hotel. Great location. Nice staff.

Monica Vicente 04/05/2018

Fantastic experience: Beautiful terrace where you can enjoy fantastic views of the castle of Tossa savoring some mojitos !!

Jose Luis Borge 04/05/2018

Fantastic experience: Cozy hotel, and very nice breakfast very good nespresso coffee

Toño Solis 04/05/2018

Fantastic experience: It is the third time I go and each time they surprise me with the attention of the staff and their kindness This year I got the suites on the date I wanted to go and it is spectacular Thank you for how you have treated us

albert riera 04/05/2018

Fantastic experience: Modernist house built by the Sans family, empowered by the cork business in the 19th century very well decorated with many corners where you can see the references of a disciple of Puig i Cadafalch and Domenech i Muntaner. In itself the hotel has a great location right in front of the promenade where we have it by the sea. Very attentive and friendly service. The breakfast buffet is good enough too. 2 things to improve, for example the morning cleaning service is quite noisy. From an early age you can hear the cars, vacuum cleaners, etc. going up and down. And for example, prawns with garlic, a dish that cost € 16 menu price, can be improved

Vicki Simpson 04/05/2018

Fantastic experience: Absolutely stunning hotel - more like 5 stars! Receptions areas are decorated beautifully - glass of champagne on arrival was lovely. Location right by the beach and in the middle of many cafes and shops. Bar/breakfast area has an upstairs area that overlooks the sea. Some rooms face the square and some towards the sea. Room we stayed in was large and luxurious and among the best I've ever stayed in. 5 star bathroom. Staff very helpful.

Maragda Mediàtica 04/05/2018

Fantastic experience: Quiet and good service

Ivan Gutan 04/05/2018

Fantastic experience: Catalan-style antique hotel

Beatriz Mendoza 03/05/2018

Positive experience: It is a very cozy hotel. It has a beautiful terrace, very friendly staff, rooms and bathroom are correct. Cleansed. I was with my partner, and the truth is that we recommend it.

Marius Bucur 03/05/2018

Positive experience: A nice hotel, but would definitely not recommend it for a couple with children/babies, see below. Pros: - nicely furnished, clean rooms - staff is very professional and friendly Cons: - rooms are super small, not nearly big enough for more than two people - WiFi connection was very poor in the room - breakfast is OK (ish) but there is no room service option and the menu of the hotel restaurant is kind of terrible (basically fried food only) - extremely over-priced (we paid over 350 EUR per night)

Gabriel Guillén 03/05/2018

Positive experience: Boutique hotel next to the beach, in the old town of Tossa de Mar. Hotel Diana is a beach hotel that will make your vacation an unforgettable experience. The Hotel Diana occupies an emblematic modernist protected building, the work of Antoni de Falguera i Sivilla, a disciple of Gaudí. The decoration and facilities are modernist in inspiration, the rooms are soundproofed and have a balcony.

J Nvo 04/05/2017

Fantastic experience: We stayed there end of October, room sea view 2nd with small lounge very clean, very good bedding, and breakfast very complete. (worth 11 €!) a two-star that is worth much more ...

Oleksiy Kozyr 04/05/2017

Fantastic experience: Stunning atmospheric place

Hugo Moreno2 04/05/2017

Fantastic experience: It is very tasty

Maida Gonzalez 04/05/2017

Fantastic experience: I love by au services good food, comfort

Nomis Mahlig 04/05/2017

Fantastic experience: Beautiful, great, gorgeous!!

Mila Hualde 03/05/2017

Positive experience: Clean, spotless hotel. Very peculiar. Very beautiful, it combines the essence and is very prepared. Comfortable. Central and in a wonderful enclave. Very friendly treatment and I request. . The only downside is that there was no restaurant service for dinner and the breakfast service could be improved. But with everything to repeat.

Gonzalo FR 03/05/2017

Positive experience: This hotel is one of the most complete in which I have been. Without a doubt, I was right to choose this place to enjoy my stay. This hotel is wonderful, with excellent service and varied food :) :) :) :) :)

Delfi Hernandez Recasens 03/05/2017

Positive experience: Great views at a good price!

Carlos Maíz Rodríguez 03/05/2017

Positive experience: Very nice hotel, with a classic appearance but very neat. It is not too big but for the locality in which it is located it must be sufficient. The only thing I don't understand is how a quality hotel is rated only 2 stars. Very good service.

Albert Romero Batallé 03/05/2017

Positive experience: Good

Dominique Cap. 03/05/2016

Positive experience: Good location. Street side / beach side, nice! Do not hesitate. -Thanks to the Owner for leaving a message.

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