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Plaça Comptes de Palamós - 17230, Palamós
+34 972 60 08 11

Opening hours

  • Monday: 15:30–19:00
  • Tuesday: 9:30–13:30, 15:30–19:00
  • Wednesday: 9:30–13:30, 15:30–19:00
  • Thursday: 9:30–13:30, 15:30–19:00
  • Friday: 9:30–13:30, 15:30–19:00
  • Saturday: 9:00–13:30
  • Sunday: Cerrado

Brises: Reviews

jean-rené surivet 27/05/2022

Very well a great restaurant

Miriam Rosa Lau Rodriguez 20/05/2022

Very rich everything and very Catalan

jose miguel 08/05/2022

Spectacular rice

Edu Nieto 08/05/2022

Good quality price

Gixane Larra 06/05/2022

Good cuisine and good service

Angels Suárez 03/05/2022

In the month of August, in Palamós, reserving the menu at 3:30 p.m., € 12, perfect. Very good service, located in a square where children can play, two blocks from the beach.

Carlos 03/05/2022

Great place to eat well, with good quality and good price, and be sure to try the mussels and rice !! The years go by and it continues just as well

davidloop7 03/05/2022

I will elaborate a little on this occasion. I'll edit putting details. I will only say that you are going to have to do A LOT of kilometers and waste a lot of time looking for a restaurant where you eat with better value for money than in this one. Simply spectacular.

Merche MA 03/05/2022

Good attention. Great dishes. Both those of the daily menu and the special menu.

Vanesa P 03/05/2022

Good atmosphere and food to repeat.

Cristina Benages 03/05/2022

You eat very well, we ordered fideuá and salad with buffalo cheese, a good amount and good service. Recommended

Cristina Iglesias 03/05/2022

Super good food. Perfect service. And with a very large terrace, where you are very comfortable.

Jose 03/05/2022

Impressive menu for 12, difficult to get this quality at this price, spectacular fideuá

Isidre Pineda 03/05/2022

Simple and discreet place, they have two menus, one for 12.95 and the other for 25 euros, you can also order à la carte. The food is homemade but well elaborated.Good value for money.
Translated from Spanish

Esteve Grabalosa 30/04/2022

Perfect as always, a very good rice and to the point, the Andalusian or Roman-style squid very crunchy and not at all oily, very tender. The friendly and pleasant staff. On the terrace it is wonderful and there is a park next door with a slide, swings, etc... for the children when they finish eating. There is also space for skating. Close to the beach (2 blocks). Parking can be complicated and it is a paid area. Good quality/price ratio. Weekend for 17.50€ and if you want rice (highly recommended) or fideuá the menu comes for 25€. You need to book a table at noon, especially from June.
Translated from Spanish

Laura Jiménez García 26/04/2022

Good location, good service, from the menu the only thing worth it is the rice dishes.
Translated from Spanish

D. Pino 21/04/2022

They are very professional and friendly
Translated from Spanish

Miquel Ferre 20/04/2022

An excellent place to eat or tapas, the unbeatable food and the attention is ten.

dolors gonzalez 03/04/2022

you eat very well, the price is very affordable, the service is very friendly, everything is very clean, we have been many times,....

GUBIDJ 25/03/2022

We have taken the menu of 25 euros. The prawns were easy to peel and were good (not the best in the world, but excellent value for money). The marinera mussels have been crazy, very good and very generous with sauce. The croquettes were fine. Then, for the second course, we have chosen paella with spider crab, CRAZY. VERY GOOD. Desserts also good. The waitress was very nice and was all the time checking if we were missing anything. In conclusion, 10/10, as always.

Ramon lloret collell 03/02/2022

Modest pro restaurant very clean and with a very full menu for 12 euros with drink and dessert included. On Thursdays they have very correct rice. They have a terrace.

Maria Porcel Puga 03/01/2022

Excellent soup rice with blue crab

Miguel Angel Cladera Fullana 22/12/2021

My partner and I are regular customers, it is a pleasure to repeat with that treatment they give you. For many more years!!!
Translated from Spanish

Joana Maria FM 02/12/2021

Always professionals!! A 10 in everything valuable.
Translated from Spanish

Daniel López Carralero 08/11/2021

You eat very well

Agus Tarraco 03/11/2021

I was in Palamós spending a weekend with relatives, and they took me to eat at this restaurant. I quite liked it, but what I find best is the value for money.

Cati Ferrer 16/10/2021

Mixed feelings, my hair removal great, the girl very nice and careful not to hurt. My son went with me at once, another girl touched him, it was the first time he had shaved and he did it with cold wax, which hurts more, it's faster yes, but the first time it's better to do it slowly and well, he'll never come back
Translated from Spanish

Rafi Martinez 10/08/2021

Attentive and respectful punctual at your appointment and everything very clean and demanding with the cob...
Translated from Spanish

Blai Antonio 06/08/2021

This place is already known throughout Spain. Very familiar and homemade meals

Guenau 03/08/2021

Very good quality and quantity, in fact we could not finish the black rice from so much they put. Good price., I think I remember 12 euros person. There is a cheaper children's menu. Whenever I go to Palamós as in that place. Clean and very friendly.

Jonatan Ussing 03/08/2021

Simple, but good quality homemade food at a very competitive price. Excellent service.

Gisela Mundó 03/08/2021

Excellent food, fast good treatment.

Rafael Mateo 03/08/2021

Food restaurant with good quality, very good rice with spider crab, and its menus both the 12 and the 25 euros highly recommended.

Paquito Gallardo 03/07/2021

The staff was new with little experience, but eager to learn! All very good

Montserrat G.B 03/07/2021

A very good option for both a daily menu and a weekend menu. Lucy is an exceptional cook and makes you both a rice soup and a fideuà, apart from a lot of tapas, salads and homemade desserts. The girls in the dining room are very attentive and fast. I recommend it of all

esteban eva tiktok 03/07/2021

Great service, great food, positive experience, great specialty in rice, quality, unbeatable price

samuel castillo 03/07/2021

You eat quite well and the girls are super friendly and good service

jose cruz 03/07/2021

Good food, very good lobster paella, fast and attentive service. Recommended

Carlos Lopez Perea 08/06/2021

Very good treatment and homemade food

Marlene Melo 08/06/2021

The excellent food 100x100 recommended the excellent attention

kapi capde 08/06/2021

Good market cuisine. Unbeatable paella

Jaume Angerri Goixart 08/06/2021

Very good service and good ciuna

Anna Santos 06/06/2021

Very complete dishes, very reasonable prices and very friendly !!!

ρәρ 06/06/2021

Menu of the day € 12. The salmorejo buenooo!

Carlos Barbancho 06/06/2021

I have eaten a very decent € 12 daily menu.

Vanessa Collado Lopez 03/06/2021

Excellent place, very rich food and good and fast service ... very friendly !! 100% recommendable

Astro 03/06/2021

A great place to eat as a family, it has an extensive menu for € 25 with enormously gigantic dishes, it eats wonderfully, very good, good service, fast, and friendly, the girls who work there are charming, hard-working, and very good cooks! I would definitely eat at this restaurant again !!! I hope it always continues to be that great !!! I would give it 5 and 6 stars! BRAVO!!!

Emma Bernal Iglesias 03/06/2021

A highly recommended place to eat, the place very cozy and fresh (we ate on the terrace) the breeze from the trees makes it very comfortable, the service is fast, and the quality of the paella is very good, quality product and elaborate. Highly recommended to eat with family, friends or as a couple. Highly recommended price quality !!!!

Oriol RB 03/06/2021

The variety of food is wide. And the quality is very good. They take a while to serve, at least the only time I've been it was full. Of course, it is worth waiting because we left very happy. We will repeat

Péter Kossa 03/06/2021

Excellent service, and exquisite food! And the spectacular rice!

Estefany Franco 03/06/2021

Excellent service. They serve very well and the food is excellent. Good prices.

Cecilio Angulo 03/06/2021

Excellent menu paella. Unbeatable quality / price. Large terrace

Kamtuche Obras y Sevicios 03/06/2021

I can only say both daily menu and menu in general, incredible quality and price with service included. A family marriage that the retired kitchen (Hotel Chef) leaves in the hands of his beloved wife, and is surpassing it every day Mediterranean, Seafood, Homemade cuisine ... etc. etc. I can only say Thank you and may we enjoy it for many years.

merche salido 03/06/2021

Delighted, the paella is very good. Very friendly waiters. We will be back.

Marc Noguera Julian 03/06/2021

Very good paella, friendly treatment. Abundant rations. Good price. We will be back!

Mercedes Marin Cañada 03/06/2021

Excellent food .. great treatment and spectacular price quality

Claire 03/06/2021

Informal dining at very reasonable prices. You can eat inside or outside (by a tree lined square so you're not close to a road). They are only open for lunch from 1pm to around 3.30pm daily (in the summer). You can reserve a table if you call ahead (in the summer you may have to que a while if you dont call ahead). They have a regular menu (€12) and a nicer menu (€25) weekdays which has more expensive fish dishes etc but both are nice. Prices are slightly more on the weekends and public holidays.

Marija Polakova 03/06/2021

Good service, good food. Some dishes are very good and others without more.

Olga Aceña 03/06/2021

More than excellent quality price. 100% recommendable. Generous in quantity. Impeccable service

stefano rizzo 08/06/2020

good menu

joaquin 08/06/2020

It eats well and the staff attentive and pleasant

esteban avila 08/06/2020

Good place more quiet

Fred 08/06/2020

Very rich

Sonia Martinez Matencio 06/06/2020

Very good

Manolo merino gonzalez 03/06/2020

First products, very very good

Sira Guapa 03/06/2020

Great eats luxury and the very affordable price for workers the perfect service the lady is very nice I recommend 1000x1000

Alba Molina Planas 03/06/2020

Very good service, price and quality. The amounts are beautiful (the fideuà left over put us home). It is appreciated to find something like that, far from the typical restaurant carero for being in Palamós. 100% family bar.

Maria del Carmen Sanchez Perez 03/06/2020

We have eaten a menu of 25 euros. Cool. Abundant. Rices very well cooked. We will definitely be back. My daughter is vegan and they have prepared a delicious vegetable paella

Oscar Garcia 03/06/2020

Great value for money. Fantastic menu.

Albert Albert 03/06/2020

Broth rice of l'Ampurdà, with lobster or spider crab. Also paella. Between € 13 and € 19. Came from home. Also to take away. Outside August there is parking in the surrounding area. Interesting.

Inma Gonzalez Garrido 03/06/2020

Very good food, great menu and good price, family service.

Daniel Gimenez 03/06/2020

Today we have repeated in this Restaurant. We have chosen the weekend menu, € 25. It's worth it, you have a wide variety of dishes to choose from, between the first and the second. Everything very presentable, the reactions very complete, and everything very tasty. Today we have chosen from first seafood mussels, very tasty, and second fideuá, also very tasty and we could not finish it ... The desserts very presentable and good. We will repeat.

Glòria Freixas Brugada 03/06/2020

Eat right, close, very well

JULIA RIVE 08/06/2019

An excellent restaurant. Very very rec

joan esteve carmona gomez 08/06/2019

All great, good service and good price.

Roman Saavedra 08/06/2019

Excellent place to eat well and at a good price


Do not pay mine but excellent dishes.

O S 06/06/2019

Family restaurant with good home cooking and good atmosphere. Thursday rice is just delicious.

Jose Antonio Jimenez 06/06/2019

Excellent situation varied letter and good quality very good service reasonable price.

Marta Comas Cabarrocas 06/06/2019

It is a cozy restaurant, clean and very friendly workers, we will repeat. Very good food

Joan Aragonés 06/06/2019

Quality and abundant homemade food you will leave satisfied, familiar treatment

Mar Hernández 06/06/2019

Highly recommended. Excellent value for money. If you come to Palamós, don't miss it ...

Claudia 03/06/2019

Exquisite reception, since it was the owner herself who attended us. Fast and very efficient service. And the food, brutal. Paella and fideuá are dishes that must be ordered without any doubt. Totally recommendable

Monica Lora 03/06/2019

Very RECOMMENDED !!! It is a restaurant of humble character, it is not ostentatious with its good cuisine. We are not from the area, but we had in our memory a good experience with its flavors. After 7 years we have repeated and we hope to repeat again. Its flavors are exquisite, do not miss the fideuá, its paella, its grilled gilthead, its saddles, etc. Oohh and his desserts, very good and casseroles. The place is simple, with the kitchen in sight. It is very frequented by families and groups. The weekends also have a menu and the prices are not high in relation to their quality and quantity. It has a terrace and we have appreciated it, since we travel with our pet. The owner is still a charm, full of vitality and good treatment.

Montse D 03/06/2019

Simple but highly recommended restaurant. We have been three times now and have always loved the menu. The food is homemade and very good. Delicious Thursday paella. We will surely repeat.

Jordi Salva 08/06/2018

It eats very well and at a good price

Manuel Segura Lopez 08/06/2018

Very good all the service very good and the owners very nice

Ramon Prunera 08/06/2018

The best lobster rice.

susana calzado sola 06/06/2018

Good food, good price, good people !! I totally recommend.

Manel Porcel 06/06/2018

That The mill lloc per anar a dinar today and returned to eat and as always eat well very well ...

Francisco Arellano 03/06/2018

We stopped by chance to eat the menu € 11 which great success we had we have repeated several days, on Thursday we ordered a paella for two it was spectacularly good. I recommend it

Sergio Velasquez 03/06/2018

Excellent menu and service, Paella is delicious

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