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About B12 Restaurant Bar Vega

Plaça del Vi, 11 - 17004, Girona
+34 972 01 32 02

B-12 és un bar restaurant acollidor i tranquil, completament vegà, vegetarià i ecològic molt conegut per l’extensa oferta de cervesa catalana artesana que té. Si sou vegans o vegetarians, o senzillament voleu menjar plats nous i eixamplar horitzons tastant nous ingredients, aquest és el vostre restaurant. Aquí teniu les nostres cartes: Carta B12 Hi trobareu…

Opening hours

  • Monday: 11:00–23:00
  • Tuesday: 11:00–23:00
  • Wednesday: 11:00–23:00
  • Thursday: 11:00–23:00
  • Friday: 11:00–23:00
  • Saturday: 18:00–23:00
  • Sunday: Cerrado

B12 Restaurant Bar Vega: Reviews

Dave Disciascio 01/06/2022

This place is so cool. And food is awesome!

Paul H 27/05/2022

Amazing vegan resto and bar in the heart of Girona’s historic centre. Amazing tapas and other dishes plus about 80 beers to choose from. Highly recommend.

Yas Estètica 23/05/2022

The tapas very good, we were very satisfied with the attention!

ALBA NAHIKARI 23/05/2022

Good beer and many vegan tapas options. We loved it!!!!

C Martinez 16/05/2022

Very good vegan food and excellent variety of draft and bottled beers. There is also a covered terrace right in front of the town hall.

Vanessa Barrow 13/05/2022

Great Vegan food, so refreshing to see 100% Vegan

Diego Brand 08/05/2022

The best selection of Catalan craft beers in Girona. They have a menu of bottles and cans hard to beat. Very reasonable prices.

angela jiménez 08/05/2022

The food was very good and the staff very attentive. They have vegan bailys that we weren't able to try as we found out late, but we will be back to try it.

Tetxu Bernardo 08/05/2022

Very good daily menu and a great beer menu! The terrace is very nice

Gina 06/05/2022

Spectacular, never disappointed. The menu is great value for money. It is a pleasure that every week they offer varied options. Sometimes you miss being able to repeat a dish you liked, but it’s one of the charms of the restaurant. Also, every once in a while, the dish comes out again. I have to point out that the "french fries" style cassava, the potato omelette and the quiche, as well as the desserts (the apple and cinnamon cake ... Fabric!) Are spectacular. I’ve been going there for years and will continue to do so. She falls in love with vegans and non-vegans (they will be surprised). Go vegan!

Carmelina 06/05/2022

Very rich menu with a good quality / price ratio. We all liked it a lot: one person who is vegan and two who, unfortunately, are not. The only thing that would improve is the speed in serving customers, with the terrace full, I think another waiter is missing.

Igor Mota Goitisolo 06/05/2022

A very nice place. I was reluctant on the vegan food issue but went for the beers. In the end very pleasantly surprised by the food. I loved it. Very well prepared dishes. The beer is very good and varied. And all at a great price. Excellent attention

Arthur de Wolf 03/05/2022

We LOVED this vegan tapas restaurant in Girona. We ate here 2 nights in a row and tried out almost all of the dishes on the tapas menu. Everything was delicious and very nicely presented. Our favorites were the "trio of small bites" (with vegan cheese, xorizo and smoked tofu), nachos with creamy cashew and the egg-less potato and onion omelette. It was very pleasant to sit outside overlooking the square and the service was great.

Olga Berrios 03/05/2022

Great place with a menu for about 13-odd euros in a beautiful place. We went 2 times. We tried the tempeh balls, tofu, and salad first. I especially recommend the tempeh balls. Second, we tried the hamburger, the pasta stuffed with spinach and the dish of the day. All great, especially the hamburger. It goes without bread, but better to appreciate the flavor. For dessert, everything is also delicious: mango ice cream, Santiago cake or brownie. It has a shaded terrace, under a porch. The place is small, maybe the music is too loud.

Marta Szukalski 03/05/2022

Amazing vegan place with different varieties of local beers! Tasty, fresh and decent prices!

Jose Carlos Gonzalez Ocaña 10/04/2022

All good on the part of the restaurant. The incredible square like all the old town of Girona. It's a shame to have to put up with partisan banners in the city hall, which should belong to everyone.
Translated from Spanish

Mercedes Gil-Lespinard 08/04/2022

Very good food and nice atmosphere! Especially the apple pie!!

Jennifer 06/04/2022

Nice terrace in a nice location, good menu, good food.

Choi “Choi” 06/04/2022

Good place to have a beer with friends, great variety of craft beers.

Martha Pelayo 06/04/2022

Our trusted vegan bar in Girona, great quality in original ingredients and dishes. Everything is always delicious, perfect portions.

Zvi Schreiber 03/04/2022

Good Vegan food in beautiful square

Lisa W 03/03/2022

It’s a vegan bar/restaurant but definitely doesn’t look like one from the outside. We loved the atmosphere and the beer + food were delicious. Friendly staff too. Would definitely recommend

Marina 03/03/2022

What a gem. It was a very good restaurant and we liked our food. It is not a fancy vegan hipster place but a restaurant/pub where locals also go! Friendly staff.

Roger Jolly 03/02/2022

Good Bear Good Burgers Great Price Perfection

jordi planas cuchí 06/01/2022

They have a great selection of quality beers. In the kitchen they take care of the details.

Leia Jiménez 08/12/2021

Good vegan food, good price and friendly service. Great variety of craft beers.

MAR Ib. 06/12/2021

Great!!! They prepare everything with quality and good. Service and customer service a 10. Whenever I can, I go.

Perit informàtic Barcelona Girona 06/12/2021

Great, everything very good

thedoubleshame 03/12/2021

Good beer

Elisa Diaz Agudo 12/11/2021

Good menu and at a good price. 100% recommended for vegetarians

Daniel Lustig 06/08/2021

We have been eating here several times. At lunchtime there is a very good 3 course menu. You can choose from many dishes, very affordable price. In the evening there is a menu, very good vegan food. Highly Recommended.

Pere Bonmatí Caulas 08/07/2021

The best vegan option in all of Girona. Whether it’s lunch, dinner or making some tapas with a craft beer.


Excellent staff very friendly amazing food delicious burgers, croissants, beers, all vegan which is a relief! Perfect location!!!!! I have been 4 times in 4 days!! Free WiFi amazing location sitting on terrace with my bike watching protests/ concerts in main square! Gracies!!!!! They have beyond burgers too!!! Thanks

alessandro nanni 22/06/2021

Good quality and a lot of varieties of dishes. The cool noon menu
Translated from Spanish

Sandra Ciurana 08/06/2021

They have more than 80 artisanal cervesas of Catalan origin, tapas and vegan food. The environment is magical and is in front of the Girona City Council.

Miguel 08/06/2021

Love it! The dishes are well presented and also delicious. You eat well for an affordable price and the sink is "gender neutral".

Fernando Garcia 08/06/2021

Vegan bar / restaurant in the center of Girona. Specialty in craft beer they have several handles. They make a daily menu at a good price. My experience was at night, where we could choose between a night menu (between € 17 and € 20 if you choose the craft beer as a drink) or tapas. We opted for the menu, highlighting the tofu mandonguilles, delicious and the B12 burger. If you are vegan, this is your place ... and if not, you do not know what you are missing . Pending to try the day menu.

Esteve Naqui Arimon 08/06/2021

Establishment in an excellent situation, close service, offer of craft and Catalan beers as in any other place in Girona. Also, totally vegan food, well prepared and they are changing the menu. It is already an emblematic place in Girona

Magali Palau 06/06/2021

Vegan restaurant with an excellent quality / price. Also if you like craft beers ... you'll be in heaven!

Arno Alleman 03/06/2021

Very nice vegan/veggie food and 80+ beers to choose from. Also €19,5 for 3 course meal and a drink is a great price!!

Ana Velilla 23/05/2021

Brewery in front of the Girona City Hall, terrace in the arcades. More than 80 craft beers. Good atmosphere and good service

Ara Musa 08/06/2020

Super extensive menu of beers from Catalonia, since you are in their land let yourself be guided and try a few, wherever you go do what you see. Very good toast mother in Girona. Very cool stands with terrace, good place to stop after a good kick in the historic neighborhood

Jo Jo 08/06/2020

Charming place in one of the best areas of the city of Girona. Excellent food and better treatment.

Mandala 03/06/2020

Its a vegan bar/restaurant. They have different kind of handmade beer, nice staff and good place. Totally recommended

Zdenek Sulc 03/06/2020

Absolutely exciting, excellent IPA CATALAN beer as well :)

Pilar Puig Ros 08/06/2019

Small but cozy restaurant with terrace in the Plaça del Vi de Girona, in front of the Town Hall. They make vegan cuisine with products of very good quality and flavor, original dishes as menu and in menu. Specialized in artisan beer, both bottle and tap. The staff is very friendly and close, sensitive to the subject of food allergies. Normal prices, keep in mind that they are in the old quarter of Girona.

mark hendrie 03/06/2019


Andres Quesada 03/06/2019

Craft beer and vegan food. In front of town hall.

Arnau Pujol 03/06/2019

If you like vegan food is a good place to enjoy it. The chickpea omelette is amazing. Also they have a huge menu of craft beers. The terrace in front of the city hall is lovely, but is very narrow inside.

Joseph Farrant 03/06/2019

Beautiful food and kind service, girlfriend lost her mind over the food here. Staff spoke English too, makes the process much easier.

Mike Roberson 03/06/2019

We went for lunch and choose from the set menu that included a drink. Lots of local craft brews! Tapas are only served in the evening. Great food and great people watch spot. The flute (enchilada) and toast was amazing! [attached]

Pere Soler 03/06/2019

Good craft beer and good vegan food

Maud Gakes 03/06/2019

Delicious food, very helpfull and Nice people!

J. Xavier Tapia D. 03/06/2019

Nice and cosy! Really tasty! The "croquetas" with hummus were amazing. The vegan burger was really good.They have 80 diffetent crafted beers from Catalonian! I can recommend it everytime

Jeanette spiteri 03/06/2019

Helpful and friendly staff, relaxed environment,nice selection of vegan tapas ☺️

Josefina Garcia 08/06/2018

Vegetarian restaurant and bar. Great food and an excellent selection of craft beers. Totally recommended

mauro mireles 08/06/2018

Excellent place to enjoy local beer great taste and excellent price

Iva Mo 06/06/2018

Excellent, selected beers from the area and varied and delicious cuisine! The environment is also nice, original and welcoming. Those who go to Girona do not miss the opportunity to stop there

Georgina Balaguer 06/06/2018

It's great to have a vegan restaurant in Girona, and so well located. When I went the waitress found it very nice and the food also very correct. I look forward to going back. Edit: We don't understand the menu, meal times are not well explained.

Mario hidalgo navarro 06/06/2018

A very well located place, with very good and quality food. The only thing is that the portions are scarce, you end up hungry and at noon you can only make menu. So you can’t ask for anything else if you’re hungry.

Karl Donnelly 03/06/2018

Great food

Muriel Rainguez 03/06/2018

Very tasty meal and friendly staff, so happy to foster this vegan and organic lifestyle

Rob C 03/06/2018

Lovely tapas (and I'm not a vegan) - nice beers, relaxed.

MajaHell c: 03/06/2018

The food was really good and it has a nice atmosphere. Recommended to everybody single or in a group

Magnus Slavin 03/06/2018

Excellent beer, superb food, very good service. Wish I lived next door!

Damian Wright 03/06/2018

Very nice vegan food choices and well priced menu.

Matti Stenvall 03/06/2018

Mmm... Great selection of beer. Hamburgers and hot sandwiches available even for the early birds.

Bobby jps 03/06/2018

Lovely food and drinks, very friendly owner and team, be aware that there is a big difference between the set menu which is great and the cafe menu which is quite basic. Will return again many times!

Elliott Hockley 03/06/2018

When I went I was just happy to have found a vegan restaurant outside of Barcelona, but it turned out to be the best meal I had in my whole trip, and in a beautiful city too! Great vegan food and wonderful value for money!

craig williams 03/06/2018

Great beer, food and coffee with friendly service. Thank you Ferran! :)

Veronique Tolsan 08/06/2017

Good beers and original vegan dishes. Great service.

Michelle 08/06/2017

The servers are very friendly and made an effort of understanding and articulation so that we understand correctly what they said. Large menu of craft beers. Menu at 12 € 50 (main dish dessert) the dishes are not very big but it's enough to be wedged, the desserts are very good I recommend !!

Roisin Wherry 03/06/2017

Very good quality veggie and vegan food. Enjoyed a burger which had the best meat substitute I've ever had.

Víctor Llosa 03/06/2017

Craft beer, vegan, excellent location.

Ian Wright 03/06/2017

Another bar with a really interesting selection of both local beer and also stuff from further afield.

Nick Lyon 03/06/2017

Catalan craft beer and vegan food.

Sami Claret 03/06/2017

Vegan & good beer!!

Bogdan Cojocaru 03/06/2017

Good beer

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