About Buffet La Riera

C/ Mas Rasplandis 2 A - 17213, Torrent
+34 972 30 60 60

Opening hours

  • Monday: 8:00–16:00
  • Tuesday: 8:00–16:00
  • Wednesday: 8:00–16:00
  • Thursday: 8:00–16:00
  • Friday: 8:00–16:00
  • Saturday: 8:00–16:00
  • Sunday: Cerrado

Buffet La Riera: Reviews

Joan Tort 17/04/2022

They have changed and it is a menu restaurant The service is good and eager to get ahead. The food is good and abundant, highly recommended for the day to day.We will definitely return
Translated from Spanish

toni moreno 04/05/2020

We arrived very late and there wasn't much, but they treated us very well and offered us alternatives. We liked it a lot

Eusebio Bonilla 04/05/2020

Quality price

Luciano Negri 04/05/2020

Great dishes at unbeatable prices

Bruno Hulsbosch 04/05/2020


soap1980 pros 04/05/2020

He eats very well years ago that I go and perfect

Joan Jpf 04/05/2020

One of the best buffets in Catalonia; you can go again and again not tired like many others and good price.Includes cava a gogó very acceptable not like the economic menus.

Paqui Frias 04/05/2020

Good food!! Pretty affordable!

Jose Robles Magdaleno 04/05/2020

Very good friendly and familiar treatment, both food and cleaning a 10

robert tributsch 04/05/2020

Super good very good very cool

Agusti Roura Catafal 04/05/2020

Good quality, Service and price

Josep Ribas 04/05/2020

I ate a paella to lick his fingers. It is from those places where you can not fail if you go around the area and want to spend little and eat well

marti palahi 04/05/2020

Very good place for breakfast!

javier porcal 04/05/2020

Price-quality ratio, very good, good selection of first courses and desserts, according to a little short but sufficient, drinks and coffees included, does not arrive at 10.- € and you can also grab cava from glass to glass whatever you want.

Sole Naga 04/05/2020

All great!

ricardcv1 04/05/2020

Totally recommended, I do not understand the negative reviews, the food is good and there is not much variety, but the value for money is unbeatable ... For me, it has much more merit to offer some more than just € 11 coffee, That many restaurants, supposedly elitist, where you pay 50 or 100 for a meal.

Joan Puig Vilar 04/05/2020

Excellent price quality

Sandy Umasi 04/05/2020

Very good value for money, the food is decent and they have a grill for ordering meat.

Ricard Pastor Lacruz 04/05/2020

Very highly recommended.

centro di educazione permanente 04/05/2020

Great for all the factors one can think of.

Amy 13 04/05/2020

A different concept buffet, with Spanish food and Spanish service, closed price with drink and time limit and drink as well. If you have the opportunity to go, do not hesitate it is cheap and you eat well

Salvador Pons 04/05/2020

Noon menu with good quality / price ratio. Correct dishes in abundance, although the most interesting thing is that they are very tasty and made at home

JuanMa Martínez 04/05/2020


Mary Rozas 04/05/2020

Variety to choose, what I liked the most was rice, which I have repeated very good, prawns, mussels, fish, everything, there are meats, very good ...

jordi villanueva 04/05/2020

Very good everything is worth going I recommend

Ricard Martín 04/05/2020

Everything correct, besides the attention of the waitresses, excellent and very friendly


Value for money very good I recommend it

Lluis Sala Lloan 04/05/2020

We have been fast and very friendly. Buffet very complete and varied. All inclusive, even cava. It was Saturday and the price is 18e. Really good.

frédéric martinez 04/05/2020

Excellent value for money, good choice of dishes, drinks included for 10,80 € .. Who says better...

Ramon Bosch 04/05/2020

Friendly, good value for money.

elena IBAÑEZ 04/05/2020

You eat very well

Paquita Albala 04/05/2020

Very good

Montse Brugue 04/05/2020

Good and super price

Sergio mora 04/05/2020

Very good

sebastian moise 04/05/2020

All perfect clean kindness ..

Xavier Omedes Rovira 04/05/2020

Free buffet very cheap and very easy to park. The dishes are very good and there is a great variety for all tastes, especially good pork feet ... The staff who attended us have been very kind, especially the girl at the entrance. The price now in summer is a tallest hair and worth € 12.50 but you have to keep in mind that it includes everything from starters, first ones, seconds and desserts, coffees and glass of cava even! A great place.

Sylvain Prat 04/05/2020

For 12.5 euros per person on Wednesday everything is included frankly it's worth it.

Estefan Prieto Dubucq 04/05/2020

Healthy food, great variety of dishes

Christoph Dörfel 04/05/2020

An "all you can eat" restaurant with unbeatable prices and a good selection of food. Drinks are included but the wine is (as can be expected) pretty cheap.

Jaime Rodrigo Montachana Limache 04/05/2020

It is very good and economical whenever possible I will return

andres martos 16/02/2020

That's what there is.. Fast and unstocked but has acceptable details. The price is not scary. And you have no limitations.
Translated from Spanish

Roser Maso 04/05/2019

Buffet that we like to go whenever we can

Paco Carrion 04/05/2019

Very good extraordinary and a very nice staff

Jordi Pous Bonet 04/05/2019

Very good As always the service has been very friendly.

Ricardo Duque 04/05/2019

Plenty variety ...delicious foods and I love the sparkling wine (cava)...I try to taste a bit from all. ..but its really very much offer. ..I enjoyed so much. ..then I back again day after

Miquel Fabrega Bitlloch 04/05/2019

Good value for money service

José María García 04/05/2019

Quality price very good! Now during the week in winter they are € 10 with the drink included, where do you find that elsewhere in the area? Cheaper than many menus and you serve yourself as you please.

Eudald Albertí Ballescà 04/05/2019

A good buffet, very suitable price.

Torsten Brinkmann 04/05/2019

We have been here several times. In summer the buffet costs 14 euros per person, at this time 10. Price performance is absolutely okay here. The food is made fresh and is tasty. The choice is wide. The staff are very attentive and the restaurant makes a clean impression. Meat can also be roasted fresh. Drinks are also included in the price to a limited extent. The selection is good, from sparkling wine, wine, beer to some non-alcoholic drinks. Visually and in terms of presentation, it has something of a canteen. If you don't mind, you won't be disappointed here.

6CON Tecnic 04/05/2019

Good food, great price, a place for every day.

Sergi Alemán 04/05/2019

Excellent food and "cheap" I say cheap because you eat good quality price.

Voicu Adrian 04/05/2019

Very good food and as much as you want for 10 euros

Toni mc 04/05/2019

Gather the 3 B.- good, good and cheap. Excel. Slow.

Elsa INSAURRALDE 04/05/2019

One of the best restaurants in Palafrugell. Lots of variety and quality. The attention of the unparalleled staff, especially the dark-haired boy who welcomes people and places them at the tables, super polite and very attentive, he deserves a position of general manager or more.

Paula Pascual hortal 04/05/2019

Nice place, where there are many types of food and all very good, and good price

laurence BOURGEOIS 04/05/2019

Hearty good value for money

ludivina ramos mencias 04/05/2019

Magnificent free buffet. Value for money. We will be back

Nida Poceviciene 04/05/2019

Good food, bore wine included, coffee, desserts... Big choises-sea food, meat, roasted wedges...

DAVID BETETA 04/05/2019

Site to eat well and fast

Antoni Rodriguez Domenech 04/05/2019

Spectacular excellent food. Recommended


Good food and cheap price

L B 04/05/2019

Very very correct the price is very suitable a lot of nice choices

Cristina Torres 04/05/2019

Very good quality and good price. Very careful buffet!

Alejandro Ahumada 04/05/2019

Excellent price for a lot of good food

Jose Gonzalez 04/05/2019

Good service, very good food. No waiting

Carlos Val Mas 04/05/2019

Good value for money. In the buffrt you can also ask for made-to-order meats. More vegetarian options would be good.

Montserrat Montagut Tapia 04/05/2019

Very good impression ... good kitchen ... We liked it a lot ... My husband and me !!! Thanks!!!

Manuel Ruiz 04/05/2018

Large buffet with a wide variety of food and very good everything is not expensive at just € 11 pity that it catches me far from my house that if I would not come more often

Cati TRIGANO 04/05/2018

Here you eat well and at a good price! Buffet type with fresh and elaborated products. Quality and Quantity with typical Catalan and Spanish recipes ... Here you feel at home !! To recommend 100%. The only thing is that it is only open at noon during the week!

Richard Jackson 04/05/2018

Great value

Carlos Bentancor 04/05/2018

Very good, this time little variety but usually very well

Narcis Peraferrer 04/05/2018

Good food daily menu

Araceli Lorente 04/05/2018

Quality of products, drinks and coffee included in the buffet menu

jfeli goro 04/05/2018

During the week for ten euros you can not ask for more, all inclusive

Sally Villeneuve 04/05/2018

Excellent value Monday - Friday.

Javier Huertas Herrera 04/05/2018

You eat very well

Ralph Obert 04/05/2018

Great food. I go to eat at least one time a week.

Angelina Vilella Ros 04/05/2018

Good quality and good choice.

nico sanchez 04/05/2018

Clean good food and good price

Kuki SG 04/05/2018

Whenever I can I go to the Riera buffet. Good value for money. I love first courses with prawns, croquettes, fish, meats, vegetables, ... The staff is attentive and hardworking.

Mar Torroella 04/05/2018

All very well !!! I recommend it!!!

Samuel G. 04/05/2018

Perfect for the price (12 €)

Raul Salorino 04/05/2018

It is great over falls next to the curro hehe very good food and family treatment

Andres Ferreres 04/05/2018

Very good food at a good price you can park nearby and have a great place .

Laura (Laura88) 04/05/2018

Acceptable variety of dishes, delicious grilled meat, also a buffet of drinks. It could be more affordable seeing the variety of products, but in general it is quite good and the food very good.

Raquel Bon Esteban 04/05/2018

I love. Abundant and varied food, it is an essential stop every summer and every time I go to Girona. Quality in the dishes, very good grilled meat.

Tere Molla Palleja 04/05/2018

Maybe little variety but good food and well done. Very economical !!! I'm going to often.

maria jose delmar prat 04/05/2018

Very good

Sergi Molina 04/05/2018

Great variety of dishes, home cooking and very rich, very good price, highly recommended.

Mireia Duran Codina 04/05/2018

Very good customer service, I went because I always saw people and one day I wanted to have a meal. Great, moooolt varied the buffet. Correct sink.

631738548marymejia Mejia mejia 04/05/2018

I love the treatment the good food and its very professional staff Thank you very much

Ana Valderrama vazquez 04/05/2018

Special place and great everything

espe cial 04/05/2017

Because the food is good and the economic price and good treatment.

Carles Ferrer 04/05/2017

Buffet of quality and at a good price

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