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Calle Bisbe Serra, 58 - 17800, Olot
+34 872 02 22 49

Ca la Tupina: Reviews

Valentí Julià 04/05/2021

The food is of a very good quality, each dish has its own personality. The staff is very attentive and friendly and in the premises they respect the norms of the covid. I definitely recommend it 200% !!!

gloria gou clavera 04/05/2021

Very nice

Crítico Pelirrojo 02/05/2021

I had a very good experience at Soc Tupina. The food was delicious and the service was excellent. I would recommend this restaurant to anyone looking for good food.

Alba Benito Chacón 11/10/2020

Excellent treatment!! The super nice girl from the reservation by phone to saying goodbye. The food is very good, the croquettes (mix of croquettes) very very good. We have been wanting to try the other croquettes dish that there was and the desserts but we were full. The place is very beautiful with attention to detail. Congratulations to the owner :)

Rafael Jiménez 12/08/2020

The stay in the restaurant is very comfortable. It is really comfortable there. Besides, getting into the most important thing, the food is exquisite and the attention is more exquisite if possible. I would repeat without hesitation, until the menu is exhausted, before trying other restaurants in Olot.

Raquel Ramirez 19/07/2020

They have changed direction. Now they are in Carrer Sant Ferriol 18 and it is called Soc Tupina. Highly recommended

Estrella Gomez 11/07/2020

Because it eats very well, it has a good atmosphere, it is large, spacious, cool and a good atmosphere.

Laia Correas 04/05/2020

Fantastic food fantastic deal

Marga Casaponsa 04/05/2020


Marc Carrión Reche 04/05/2020

Good restaurant in the center of Olot, discreet and inviting. Friendly, attentive and friendly staff. They serve elaborate and simple dishes, very pleasing. Reduced but fair letter with good assortment. We enjoyed the tranquility offered at a dinner with a couple. Tightly adjusted quality-price We are recommended and we recommend it without any doubt.

ramon masoliver guix 04/05/2020

Every day he eats more, he is a pleasure to enjoy his dishes and his treatment

Angel Verdaguer 04/05/2020

At the same level, the same cuisine, the same fantastic homemade desserts, the same sympathy of Lorraine and the same prices as the old restaurant La tupina on Carrer Bisbe Serra, a totally renovated and charming and very cozy place . It is a very central and quiet place. I was not disappointed.

Fina cuadrado cobano 04/05/2020

All very good and Morena the owner great

José Ricardo Trejos Grisales 04/05/2020

Good location, very good food and excellent service. Recommendation of dishes and wines by the people of the restaurant completely successful. In general a 10.

Rosa Serra Catà 04/05/2020

Great!!! Like home!

Rafa 04/05/2020

Ask what you ask is good. Atypical dishes and very well prepared.

Àlex Pozo Sànchez 04/05/2020

For holidays we visited the Olot family, and at the same time we were eating, we were lost and by recommendation a girl would end up eating at Soc Tupina. Well, a total success, attention from Lorena, the super friendly housewife and a great meal. You will not have to ask again when we visit the capital of La Garrotxa.

Josep Codony 04/05/2020

It is very cozy. The dining room is a dole, and the kitchen has a really good quality. Recommendable I think to repeat Price very tight.

jordi pons zabala 04/05/2020

The best rice

Marc Sola Serra 04/05/2020

Very friendly and very good price

Miquel Fulladosa 04/05/2020

Very good place to eat and very nice

Irina Tribis 04/05/2020

Great food and nice cosy place!

Alfonso Bruguera 04/05/2020

Very good food, and very good service

Vanessa subirana cachinero 04/05/2020

I loved it

Marta Coderch 04/05/2020

Artichokes, delicious! And a very nice atmosphere.

Francesc Domenech 04/05/2020

Excellent cuisine and treatment. Recommended 100%

Lola Arqué 04/05/2020

Very good coffee

GISTA UNO 04/05/2020

✨Brutal the ribbon. At home or almost better. You get smiles, that is not very little today.

Erin Nire 04/05/2020

Great food and excellent service

Jordi Subiràs 04/05/2020

Eat quality and treat it with a lot of love

Paquita Soy 04/05/2020

Good place to eat recommended

Mirko 04/05/2020

Very pretty place; very welcoming service; Very good food. The eggplant dish with honey and Parmesan (true) is fabulous. We will be back.

tony sanmiguel 04/05/2019

Unbeatable price quality, delicious and excellent treatment, I will return without a doubt. Very happy to have known this place

Merce Pelegri 04/05/2019

Very good and original food Very nice service Perfect quality price We'll be coming back

Missi Casacuberta 04/05/2019

A good nice and cozy restaurant, delicious and quality food !! We are grateful for the opportunity to choose the size of the portions and the variety of dishes. Also offering a wine list. Super attentive and friendly staff. The unbeatable price. Highly recommended !!

INES TURON 04/05/2019

My father would have to be 10 stars, it is a place to find you as a home, a relative, a quality for me as spectacular as the presentation of the dishes as well as the quality of the food, in the end quality price is to return to have enjoyed there.

Roser Rovira 04/05/2019

The food is excellent but the treatment makes you taste even better !! Love it! A 10!

Ruben Pros 04/05/2019

good and quality food. The unparalleled friendliness of the staff !!

Geor 04/05/2019

A magnificent restaurant, a good menu, delicious dishes and great waiters. I will be back!!!

Saida Puigvert 04/05/2019

Eat very good and quality! We love the treatment and kindness of Lorena We come whenever we can !!

Jesus de la torre 04/05/2019

Excellent restaurant with top quality raw materials, elaborate and very rich dishes, very friendly and communicative staff. Lots of variety and portions adaptable to each person. Very good price quality. Whenever we pass through Olot and want to eat, we repeat.

Mauri Garcia orta 04/05/2019

Every week new dishes that surprise you !!!!

Pili Nogueron 04/05/2019

Very nice despite the excellent staff

Leticia Morante Benadero 04/05/2019

Very good food, excellent treatment and a cozy atmosphere. And the prices are not expensive. Highly recommended

Jon Pavón 04/05/2019

We went on a Sunday recommended by the hotel and it was a success A clear example of slow food, delicious cuisine, made with love and care, highly recommended, if you pass through Olot

Benito Hervas 04/05/2019


David Serramitjana 04/05/2019

The dishes of the letter for vegans adapt very well. Lovely staff and Lorraine an excellent deal. Hi will come back.

Ángel Gutiérrez 04/05/2019

Great. Very friendly treatment and the food is wonderful. I hope to come back soon.

D P 04/05/2019

CA la tupina is a restaurant with an unsurpassed level, from the moment you enter the premises you feel the originality of it, high quality wines, high quality beers and above all a very good quality food. It is attended by its owners with all the details taken care of. Recommendable...

Francisco Gimenez Sancho 04/05/2019

Very good food, exceptional treatment and good price ... cozy place ... I recommend the costellon with honey and mustard ..... in general very good

Pili Navarro 04/05/2019


Yogui Del Rio 04/05/2019

Very good food .... and Mauri the very nice waiter

Pini piniella ripoll 04/05/2019

Very good and very recommendable

Laura G P 04/05/2019

Excellent. As always. Great variety of dishes and portions. Very good price quality.

Brigitte Dc 04/05/2019

Many nice and attentive! Dishes for sharing and / or individual. Dishes very well presented and made with products of proximity. It's exquisite Without a doubt, we will return. Thank you very much!

maria Prat 04/05/2019

Very good food and very good service, cozy place

Manu Sanchez 04/05/2019

A great restaurant. The treatment is unbeatable and the cuisine is a delight. I recommend it 100%

Montse Atencia 04/05/2019

Thank you it's all wonderful and you too, it's always to be repeated. Happy New Year family

JORDI puigvert curos 04/05/2019

Great food very, very good

Oriol Z 04/05/2019

Great to go for dinner. Eat very well prepared and very pleasant attention. 100% recommended artichokes and meats

Albert Tarrés 04/05/2019

Menu or tapas, ration or half serving, total flexibility with quantities and very good food, I recommend farmer's eggs with ham and truffle.

Lurdes Camps 04/05/2019

Select cuisine and exquisite treatment

Ana Rano 04/05/2018

Good treatment and excellent food

Xose Vazquez 04/05/2018

Outstanding customer support. Excellent atmosphere. Quality and presentation difficult to improve. Highly recommended if you are looking for a restaurant in the area. Facilities for children's dishes.

Siro Perales 04/05/2018

Quality day menu with good portions and reasonable price.

Josep Izquierdo Ruiz 04/05/2018

Menu and menu, very good looking though, what we ate best. Very friendly staff totally recommended.

Josep Puigferrer Figueras 04/05/2018

Good quality

Anna Vilarrasa 04/05/2018

It has been very good! Great attention, and the food the same !!

Montserrat Guirado 04/05/2018

Very cozy place, lots of friendliness, excellent food

Pol FÀBREGA SOLER 04/05/2018

"The good things come in small jam". Offering a great variety à la carte, very good value for money (accentuating quality), ideal for sharing first and second singles, they also have a good wine list.

Gemma Canalias 04/05/2018

Wide and varied menu with quality products. Excellent treatment and value for money. Highly recommended.

Albert Ibáñez 04/05/2018

Highly advisable. Very quiet place, very attentive service and magnificent lunch. Do not miss it.

David Unknow 04/05/2018

All very good. Large amount of food. Very good attention.

Santi 01 04/05/2018

Recommended place. Flexibility in portions and dishes and very good quality.

santiago 04/05/2018

Excellent treatment, good atmosphere and unbeatable food. Well priced and very good food. To return through the area we will repeat for sure.

Susana Cuesta 04/05/2018

Fantastic. Very good top quality products. Excellent treatment.

Irene Vilaro 04/05/2018

Good attention and good food highly recommended, one of our favorite restaurants in olot

Tamara Bartolome 04/05/2018

A very good meal. Lovely place.

Pere Cid Blazquez 04/05/2018

Very good staff attention and exceptional food quality. As always. Highly recommended, until the end. !!

siset jiji 04/05/2018

Great place, exquisite food and very very friendly treatment

Carles Peramo 04/05/2017

Perfect food of high quality, speed and good service. He caught me passing through work but I plan to repeat.

Eva Muñoz 04/05/2017

Great food and treat

Mayte Obregon Salmon 04/05/2017

Awesome!! 100% recommended We will be back

Iolanda Montañes 04/05/2017

Good place but to hurry ..... Good service, very attentive, and all delicious ...

Julià Turrado 04/05/2017

Good food and good service

Veronica Tengo Lacón 04/05/2017

The food is simply awesome !! It is noted that all dishes are homemade and are prepared with maximum care. I recommend it 100%.

Joan salavedra figols 04/05/2017

Allergimens Letter

Dani Pons 04/05/2016

Good menu, best menu. Well cooked and tasty dishes. Good value for money, and good service. Very kind

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