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Carrer De Josep Tarradellas, 1 - 17310, Lloret de Mar
+34 972 36 93 83

Atics Restaurant a Lloret de Mar. Gastronomia mediterrània amb producte de proximitat. Gaudeix de la terrassa amb millors vistes de la Costa Brava

Opening hours

  • Monday: 13:00–16:00, 20:00–23:00
  • Tuesday: Cerrado
  • Wednesday: 13:00–16:00, 20:00–23:00
  • Thursday: 13:00–16:00, 20:00–23:00
  • Friday: 13:00–16:00, 20:00–23:00
  • Saturday: 13:00–16:00, 20:00–23:00
  • Sunday: 13:00–16:00, 20:00–23:00

Atics restaurant: Reviews

Veni Peeva 29/05/2022

Absolutely amazing experience!! Would repeat 100%!!!

André Valério 28/05/2022

Great location, super friendly service (we went with children), magnificent food, the only problem is that to repeat I have to catch 3 aircraft :( Recommend for food lovers, very tasty an explosion of flavors in the mouth to prices anyway still accessible. A hug and thanks to employees because with children is always boring on trips and circumvented the situation and turned out to be a great dinner.

Dolors Valls 01/05/2022

Everything you can eat there is delicious, the service a 10. El Llo. It is beautiful with wonderful views of Lloret

Nati 01/05/2022

Cool. We have enjoyed. Good views, good service, and delicious food. Also..a menu of the day, fabulous. And for more flower: I have finally found a restaurant that includes a dessert that I have been able to enjoy, without dairy or eggs !! Priceless for someone with allergies who always sees others enjoy a good end of food. A must see in Lloret de Mar.

Yolanda Felip Moya 01/05/2022

Very good, great deal. Recommended. They have a weekend menu even though it is summer.

Juanjo González 01/05/2022

Its unbeatable views of the sea are a magnet to reserve a table. However, a restaurant has to conquer its guests through the quality of the elaborations and the dedication in the service and Àtics more than meets the expectations in all of this: the dishes to share are served with criteria, preventing overcrowding; the temperature of the foie is ideal; the contrasts of flavors proliferate, without being excessive ... Of course, the wine had some degree of temperature left over in the first pour; something that, however, immediately corrected the generous ice and water bucket in which it was deposited. Without a doubt, a place to return to.

Vanessa Vilamitjana 17/04/2022

Unbeatable location and views, impressive paella! highly recommended

Sergio Bueno 04/04/2022

We liked it so much that we have asked for a table to repeat. We asked for the menu and it was all exquisite, the treatment by the staff was also in keeping with the place and the quality of the food. All this accompanied by the view of Lloret beach with the castle in the background. A totally recommendable wonder.

Adrian RODRÍGUEZ 04/04/2022

We ate phenomenal (daily menu for 17 and that for the products and quality that Dan is a gift), the views are spectacular and the treatment of the workers perfect. Recommended 100%

Jazmin G. 04/04/2022

Excellent view. The typical seafood casuela is very good, the portion is immense to share.

Meritxell 04/04/2022

Very good treatment and good attention from all the workers of the restaurant, which is tastefully decorated. The terrace is good for lunch, the air is running, there are also views of the sea and the whole beach of Lloret. It has a good wine list and the food is exquisite, it has umami. Correct price. I highly recommend go there.

Lúa Cherry 04/04/2022

They have daily lunch menu that is great, value for money. They serve you fast and very well. Best of all, the views of Lloret de Mar beach from the terrace. I recommend reserving the tables next to the balcony, since the view is incredible.

Nerea Adrados 04/04/2022

We are in love with this restaurant, our favorite place in Lloret de Mar for its food, an exquisite menu; the place with the best views of all the plats de lloret (at night with a full moon it is a movie) and its staff, attentive friendly and great professionals.

pere ros duran 04/04/2022

Perfect price-quality ratio. The deal very good staff. The prices are high but they are worth it for the quality of the product. The presentation of the dishes is very professional and they take great care of the presence of the service.

Joan Perarnau 04/04/2022

Stunning views of the beach from the terrace, deck and fabulous food. Excellent treatment and brutal galley rice.

karma 04/04/2022

Spectacular! Food for 10, location for 10 and service for 11! We went to celebrate my mother's birthday and we were treated incredibly well. The views are wonderful, the setting is fantastic. Regarding food, the dish that we liked the most was squid stuffed with meatballs. The tuna tataki was also delicious and just right. Very original desserts, we really liked the pannacotta with banana and dark chocolate. Thank you very much for the treatment and for the details for being my mother's birthday! We will be back! We recommend it 100%!

Rakel Guerrero 04/04/2022

A special place, it has beautiful views of Lloret, the perfect and helpful treatment. The food is exquisite and abundant. I definitely recommend it .

Mseer 13 04/04/2022

Very nice view, magnificent decor, quality meals, fresh produce, fast service. On all not expensive!

Pink Buda Shop 04/04/2022

We ate the Friday lunchtime menu on the terrace, everything was great and the attention was perfect. Nice place with views of the exclusive Lloret beach. I will be back.

Raquel Garcia Abad 04/04/2022

An 11 out of 10..local beautiful ... spectacular views ... delicious food ... perfect attention

Angel luis Oroz portela 04/04/2022

Restaurant with a terrace with the best view of Lloret beach. The best professional attentive staff ... Family atmosphere. Very good and varied daily and weekend menu. Seasonal dishes and km 0. They have a product of the highest quality.

baptiste franze 04/04/2022

Really beautiful restaurant breathtaking splendid view food is very good delicious and personal super nice

Elena 04/04/2022

All fabulous! The food a 10. We will be back without a doubt. Highly recommended.

Antonio Maestro 04/04/2022

It's very good, the views are great.

Ann Garcia 04/04/2022

An excellent menu along with very attentive service, a very careful decoration and wonderful views. Another point in their favor is that they have free parking for customers. Very good restaurant to eat in Lloret de Mar.

Cristina Rovira de Castro 04/04/2022

Every year we come here for dinner and we can only say thank you. Table by the sea and dinner for ten. Also thank David, the waiter, for his great attention and kindness. We will be back without a doubt!


It was recommended to us, and it did not disappoint. This time we tasted the lunch menu on the weekend, a complete menu, with quality food, exquisite attention by the staff. We look at the letter, for a possible dinner, (pending). And the menu more than meets the quality of the restaurant. As its name suggests, it is an attic, overlooking the Paseo de Lloret, and the sea in front. 3 rooms, which have enough diners, outside on the terrace, it must be a luxury in summer, to have dinner there. Afterwards, they have a continuous area on the terrace, but separated from the restaurant environment, where you can taste liquors, mixed drinks, etc... It makes it a private area, very pleasant, for those summer nights, with great views of the sea. A summer dinner remains pending for me, and to finish in the reserved area with a good cocktail, of liquor, music and views. Recommended 100x100. Quality correct price.

Marc 31/03/2022

Excellent restaurant with a kitchen-room service of 10. The quality of the supreme product and the elaboration as well. In the restaurant the staff is professional, attentive, friendly. The views from the restaurant are unbeatable. First time I've been and it will be the first of many. Thank you very much to all the staff for the excellent treatment!

Maite Martinez 31/03/2022

Quality price of 10 Kitchen and living room 10 First time and I will return without fail

Александр Чекшин 04/03/2022

Very good restaurant, mostly local audience, terrace, disco in the evenings

Eva Palau 04/03/2022

Great place, good food, good views and good service.

Miquel Moret 04/03/2022

An amazing place, impeccable menu, good wines and perfect care

JAIME MICOLA 04/02/2022

Nice decor, beach views, and fabulous food

katia 04/02/2022

We ordered the tasting menu, the perfect food and the spectacular views

Michael Gavin 31/01/2022

Very good food and excellent treatment. We had a little health mishap and they were wonderful to us. We will repeat for sure.

Enric 04/01/2022

Very good food, and impeccable service. First time we went there and it won't be the last, for sure.

Jordi M 04/01/2022

Excellent place, excellent menu and hostess

jordi austrich 04/01/2022

Very good dinner! Very attentive, kind. Excellent cuisine and service !!!

Pol Garau 04/01/2022

Very good experience and very welcoming service. Great

Edu Achón 01/12/2021

We went on Thursday, we ate menu. It is 15.50. Very well I have to say. The dishes are all of good quality and very good. The Rice was very good. Very friendly and attentive service. The place has one of the best views of Lloret beach without a doubt. I didn't see the letter, so I can't comment. It is advisable to reserve. It's hard to park like a bad thing ... but it's the coast and the first line. Right? Then I recommend you walk through this wonderful town on the Costa Brava that has so much to offer.

Jordi PlextorMaster 01/12/2021

Spectacular restaurant in a very charming place, it was recommended to us and it is a discovery, the dry mountain rice with Nebraska beef very good and with great flavor, at its point, the spectacular scallops. And the buletus rice very well finished and presented, we will return without a doubt. Highly recommended.

Susanna Benedicto 01/12/2021

Spectacular food (fisherman's rice) and wonderful views. Professional and attentive waiter. I would go back without hesitation.

Mariona Riera Gruart 04/11/2021

We ate very well! A brutal rice menu and an “normal” menu even more so! The impeccable service. Our taste buds are still partying! Thanks

Eliko 04/11/2021

Excellent food, perfect atmosphere, and super friendly staff.

Roberto Franco 04/11/2021

The best views of Lloret to eat, the food is excellent and the attention 5 stars.

Judith 31/10/2021

Excellent weekend menu, with good product, rice with blue crab bon in good cooking point. Good value for money and views over the beach of Lloret

Isabela Fernandez 31/10/2021


Joan Mayans 31/10/2021

Excellent location, elaborate, delicious and special dishes, and a close and very professional staff. The cost / quality of the menu, well balanced.

Natalia Montalbo 31/10/2021

Spectacular place, attentive staff and very close. We have gone more than once and will be back more. Good quality food and price. SUPER RECOMMENDED

Daniel Luis fernandez 31/10/2021

the most amazing meal we have had in a long time. stunning restaurant and really friendly staff. we will be back before our holiday is over.

Céline Gueguen 04/10/2021

Exceptional restaurant from every point of view. The price / quality ratio is indisputable. We went there 3 times during our weeklong stay in Lloret. The service is impeccable with very friendly staff. The location is ideal, the setting and the modernity of the place made us spend excellent evenings (3rd floor overlooking the main beach and the Mediterranean). The cuisine is just as incredible, it feels like a French gourmet with excellent choices and refinement on the menu ... Everything is refined and really delicious. (Wine too). All this at very reasonable prices. Big thumbs up and thank you ++++

Paula Creus 04/10/2021

Super attentive staff, excellent service. Super correct value for money. Site with tranquility and good views of the promenade and the beach.

Marian Bolohan 27/09/2021

The food was very good, the price of the menu was a bit high. The restaurant is nice and the attention of the waiters was good but not great!
Translated from Spanish

José Antonio Pardo 21/09/2021

I loved it. Especially the cod. The staff very attentive and pleasant. I will be back
Translated from Spanish

Toni Bigatà 31/07/2021

Great terrace with stunning sea views Top level food. Great chef. One of my preferred places to eat in Lloret

Vicky R 31/07/2021

I have loved everything, the views, the decoration, how spacious it is and the distance between tables. The menu is varied, the service great and the food spectacular. I had a creamy rice with mushrooms and prawns (super fresh) and very tasty. Even the background music. The menu is not cheap, but it is worth it. Very top.

Francesc Caldas Prim 04/07/2021

Super nice space with great views. Very good quality at reasonable price. Impeccable service.

Marisa Dalmases 04/07/2021

A very correct menu and a place with spectacular views!

Francisco Casasola del Pozo 04/07/2021

Highly recommended. Great views of the beach from the terrace. A great menu and good price. To come back.

Cris MH 04/07/2021

Spectacular cuisine, all great. Very professional and attentive waiters and the terrace with wonderful views at sunset. The interior is very well decorated. An incredible place, totally recommended.

lélé Uggeri 04/07/2021

Quality cuisine with fresh, homemade products! The setting is beautiful with a long view over the entire beach of Lloret de Mar. The restaurant is tastefully decorated. The servers are warm, welcoming, kind and attentive to their customers. I recommend !

Pauline 04/07/2021

Beautiful restaurant, views of the beach of Lloret. The rooms very well and the food is super good. See you soon.

Инна Лагай 01/07/2021

I had a lovely lunch on the terrace. The See view is impressive. Food is fresh and delicious. I especially liked the dessert. It tastes like a haven The stuff is friendly and enough professional.

oriol martin muñoz 01/07/2021

Highly, highly recommended! Without a doubt we will repeat very soon, one of the best restaurants I have eaten in the area. Fair price, and good quality. The best service for being excellent. Thanks and see you soon!

Cris Botsol 04/06/2021

I made a menu, delicious, apart from good presentation of the dishes and very good treatment and the place with magnificent views of the beach of Lloret! I will repeat for sure!

Ana Gamez 31/05/2021

I was surprised by the menu. I liked it very much, very well prepared everything. And good service

Isa R 31/05/2021

A great restaurant, we loved their service and the quality of their food. If we return to Lloret we will definitely go. Its workers make you feel at home and are very close and attentive. I ate great. I came back the next day and we say again that the food is delicious, they also work with Balfegó.

carme garcía fernández 31/05/2021

Excellent food and spectacular service. We have come to celebrate our evening anniversary (23 years of nothing) and they have given us a cake with candles and everything !!! We will be back for sure !! Thank you so much guys!

Olga Carmona Liz 31/05/2021

The food is very good and special, the tofu and parmesan ravioli are delicious. The super friendly staff as if they have known you for a lifetime, excellent treatment. The beautiful sea views. An endearing and romantic place. The holiday menus are at 26 euros I recommend it, I will return many more times.

Maria Daniel i Puig 04/05/2021

100% recommended! Quality food, innovative and very attentive service. I hope to be back soon!

kassandra ruiz 04/05/2021

Excellent place to eat ... With excellent views of the sea. Excellent attention they have a € 15 menu at noon and when you choose wine or water they put the full bottle of the wine you choose and it is very good. And quality food. I recommend it 1000%.

Enric Saboya 04/05/2021

Perfect. The first matter very good and very well treated. As always in Jordi, the maitre a crack. He knows how to advise you and never deceives you. A 10, for the whole team, kitchen and living room. We will be back, for sure. Of the best of Lloret de Mar without a doubt.

maribel marin 04/05/2021

Very good!!! Especially desserts. Highly recommended and the views spectacular

Richard Tol 04/05/2021

This is by sure one of the most spectacular restaurants in Lloret. The view is amazing, the service was good and the food was magnificant. Had a really good time and surely recommend it.

Esther Lazaro 04/05/2021

The staff are very attentive without being invasive, the delicious food, the very beautiful decorated premises and the terrace with its spectacular views

Emilio Amate Costarrosa 04/05/2021

€ 15 weekday menu. Excellent quality / price. Hearty, well presented and tasty dishes. Fideua made expressly for 1 person in individual paella, great cod, whole bottle of wine for 2 menus, coffee included and all this with sea views.

Albert 04/05/2021

EXCEPTIONAL. You will not find a better place in Lloret without any doubt !! Quality, service, attention, location ... The place is second to none, the service and attention excellent, they work with top quality, very competitive prices and exceptional food. Without a doubt a place of reference !!!

Raushan Ismailova 04/05/2021

Cool place, beautiful music. Recommend

Sandra Garzon 04/05/2021

Perfect treatment and exquisite food. The weekly menu is very reasonably priced.

Pili Bermejo 04/05/2021

On the one hand: I can't upload a photo because everything looked good (and how good it was) I couldn't resist waiting to eat. I think not uploading a photo is the best review I can give you, it means: too good to wait to eat. I'll be back for sure! I hope to last long enough to be able to take a picture of those dishes! On the other hand: On the terrace it was great, chill out atmosphere with background music, not too much noise or too quiet, spectacular views of the entire beach and the attention of the waiters deserves a very good note tb.

Lluis Barris Cuenca 04/05/2021

Good place with good views, good food, and they also have cheap weekend menu.

Marta Zberea 04/05/2021

The view is spectacular, a wide variety of dishes on the menu have been a success. Two thumbs up to the cook and all the staff for creating incredible moments there.

Hamlet Hayrapetyan 31/05/2020

The service is very good, the waiter suggested an amazing wine. Lobster was good, l’Art dish with rice was amazing! Comparing to other restaurants this places is pricey, and this is maybe the only minus!

aurel 74 31/05/2020

Excellent, perfect setting and very relaxing. Impeccable service. Rates a little above but it's worth it. Real favorite for this establishment especially lovers.

Alex Hosking 04/05/2020

Good place for lunch with nice views. The food is very good.

Marta B 04/05/2020

Food of 10, location of 10 since it is in an attic and you have the whole beach in front and unsurpassed customer service, they made us feel very very comfortable. I will repeat without hesitation!

Cris_ Fer_Bar_86 04/05/2020

Fantastic, luxury place with stunning views of the Lloret beach from Terrasss. Very helpful and attentive staff. We went to make coffee, next day we will go to dinner and have a cocktail, because it looks great.

maria castañer 04/05/2020

For days we wanted to try the menu and today we have gone to lunch! It was great! The menu is spectacular, food of proximity and very well selected, they did not know what to ask! All food has been very good, of 10 !!! Very attentive and friendly service! And the place and the views immillorable !!!! We're sure to come back! 100% recommended! :)

ramon de fe 04/05/2020

Here I fell in love more than 15 years ago. I also fell in love with this place. Built where castles and fortresses were built. Today this place is still a fortress. It has the best view of Lloret de Mar and an already historic place. During the day its views are spectacular, but at night it is like a lighthouse created to attract fishermen and mermaids. The good thing that it has today is that they have created 2 environments and if you want to spend a romantic evening, it offers you the possibility of dining and having a drink watching how the Mediterranean enters the beach gently. Here enter and fall in love. You have to go through it whenever you come to Lloret.

Maria Marín 04/05/2020

A very nice terrace (attic) in front of the beach, obligatory but very economical consumption, 7'50 a delicious mojito of Barceló rum. Very good service Good atmosphere of 20 to 45 years approx. The neat people. A good place to dance to sit and chat with friends and enjoy.

Sophie Au 04/05/2020

Lovely staff and really helpful for celebrating my husband’s birthday:) really lovely food probably the best so far in Lloret de Mar. the location is lovely near the beach. Recommended:)

maridolors 31/05/2019

I had two glasses very well prepared, on a terrace with incredible views and only 7 euros a glass. The waiters all super polite and nice. It's nice to be there. The music they put on could be improved by including something more modern.

D NV 04/05/2019

Little gem in this town. Amazing view from this nice rooftop. Good service and food. We were happy to find this place away from the touristic cheap restaurants just below!

Sisco Bonjorn 04/05/2019

A GREAT Restaurant, where the price is perfectly adapted to human service and the quality of your food.

Tatyana Barabash 04/05/2019

Good kitchen . Not expensive. Great look and good service

Patricia Grimaldi 04/05/2019

Okay, come out now that we've arrived, until we left, everything is perfect, a 10 ♥ ️

Denis Borisenko 04/05/2018

Some food is good, some is really awesome. Wine selection is sort but very good!

Laurent Sevian 04/05/2017

Great location overlooking Lloret del mar beach Very good & special food

Enric GSola 04/05/2016

Great restaurant in the central area of ​​Lloret de Mar, with views over the bay of Lloret, the sunsets that you see when you're dining are wonderful. The home is decorated in exceptional, modern and comfortable way, it becomes a local Copad into the night. We dined great, and with a splendid service! Again sure !!!!

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