Forn De Pa Plis Plas

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About Forn De Pa Plis Plas

Plaça de Catalunya, 19 - 17002, Girona
+34 972 20 87 25

Opening hours

  • Monday: 7:00–22:00
  • Tuesday: 7:00–22:00
  • Wednesday: 7:00–22:00
  • Thursday: 7:00–22:00
  • Friday: 7:00–22:00
  • Saturday: 7:00–22:00
  • Sunday: 8:00–21:00

Forn De Pa Plis Plas: Reviews

John Ward 02/05/2022

Very special

Clara tvargas 27/04/2022

The girls are very nice and the mini cream croissants are very good

Agustina Matey 06/04/2022

They treated us very well. We had breakfast which was delicious. They served us super fast

Carme Puigdemont 04/04/2022

The service is very attentive.


All very good and correct staff.

Nathalie Du 06 (Nat) 04/04/2022

Excellent breakfast and excellent value for money

Monica Lucena 04/04/2022

I have visited several times and very good service and everything very rich

Andres Lavernia 04/04/2022

Visiting Girona, good price and attention, I liked it and I will return

Tenti Manzano 03/04/2022

Super friendly staff

Manel monter fernandez 22/03/2022

Great variety in breakfasts, snacks. Great quality in its products, pleasant place and very good atmosphere. I like.

Andres Diaz 04/03/2022

Good place to have lunch

Simón Lacort 04/03/2022

Croissants more than acceptable considering the price they have. Good donuts. Right coffee with milk. Good place for breakfast.

Valentí Carreras 04/03/2022

Very good staff Good products and price.

Alexander Bidrogo 04/02/2022

Very good

Jose Lerins 04/02/2022

great breakfasts

Leo Shmaryan 04/02/2022

Excellent food at reasonable prices. They do not speak English, but they have English menus.

Jesús Vázquez 08/01/2022

Bread bakery-cafeteria. There are several in the city, and in all cities. Wide assortment of pastries, juices, coffees and small sandwiches for lunch. All in good condition
Translated from Spanish

Miquel Sitjà 04/01/2022

Very good location and good service, they serve you fast with a pleat plas very well

Carmen Deider 04/01/2022

He has a very good breakfast

Dolors Granados 04/01/2022

Good customer service and good breakfast.

Manel Prieto Dalmau 03/01/2022

Exquisite bread!

adelly infante 04/12/2021

You eat well, good service and prices

ancestral cusco tattoo 04/12/2021

I always came to have breakfast at this cafeteria and the truth is very pleasant, especially the attention. They have very good breakfast options and they are all very good, I recommend it

Esteve Paris Primo 04/11/2021

A good place to make a good and well priced breakfast, totally recommended

Familia Esteba Fariña 04/11/2021

They make natural orange juice ... with a mini of cereal, and off you go !!!

Eva González Colomer 04/11/2021

Well located, well priced. Very kind

vittorino espinoza 04/11/2021

Very good place, the location, the attention, the place, the price is very good. Be careful with the terrace that pigeons often leave memories.

gabi vergé 03/11/2021

Good service

Academia de Negocios (Marketing Creativo) 03/11/2021

Good place for a coffee

Maribel 12/10/2021

Good, the pastas are very good and despite the terrace the prices are moderate, good service.
Translated from Spanish

Miq loes 03/10/2021

Seen and not seen

Yanelis Gonzalez 04/06/2021

A relaxing experience !! Good service, with a large terrace and beautiful views of Plaza Catalunya.

Juan Matus 04/06/2021

Excellent attention and very good food! I recommend


It's great for a quick lunch.

Elia Banegas 04/06/2021

A good place for family breakfast

Celia Garcia 03/06/2021

Very good coffee

Angie Tatiana Ramirez Castellanos 04/05/2021

I really like going to this place, the truth is that it is well priced and they have everything

Isabel Maqueda 04/05/2021

I loved it, all very rich, very well atr dida

Andrea Encina Ramirez 04/05/2021

Excellent attention and very good entrepans


We have had breakfast and it has been very good. The bread, the ham and especially the coffee that is super important to me


Because they serve very well and the quality is very good and everything is clean

MarieClaude Ayoul 03/05/2021

Super nice and good product quality

Gabriel margabi 03/05/2021

Good service

Jon Aizpun 03/05/2021

Very good

Eustaquio Fernandez Delgado 03/05/2021

All very well

jordi navas amich 03/05/2021


Esperanza Martinez-Zurita 04/05/2020

A delicious pastry at a great price. Whenever I go to have coffee and pasta in this Cafeteria. All great and very attentive service.

Glòria Freixas Brugada 04/05/2020

Place for breakfast and snack

Xavier Lazaro 04/05/2020

I loved it, good pastries and cakes, good location

Anna Maria Gv 04/05/2020

very burn service, good kitchen, has parking,

Darío López 04/05/2020

Attention quick and attentive, good coffee. Breakfasts at popular prices

Edgar Viajero 04/05/2020

It is the first time I come and I love it. Good place to make a breakfast in the center of Girona. They have everything in the food and drink menu. Breakfast offers quite competent for the site where they are located. It is a big place, for enough people. Attention from the waitresses excellent. I hope to return to Girona and come back to breakfast here.

Jose Mielgo 04/05/2020

Cheap, correct food, friendly treatment

Santos vv 04/05/2020

I was not mistaken I thought it was plis Plas station which is very bad. plis Plas the stone bridge is the best good coffee good product some shop assistant a little angry but it is normal

Daniel Nasarre 04/05/2020

very rich everything

Anastasiya Melnyk 04/05/2020

Fast service

Richard Coyle 04/05/2020

Very good site ... well priced and the best are the waitresses who are beautiful and very friendly ... nice place, good prices and very friendly staff ..

Daniela González 04/05/2020

Excellent service, the employees speak Spanish, Catalan and English. It is a place to spend the afternoon drinking coffee. There are always offers. The seats are comfortable, and the bathrooms are always clean. The location is perfect, close to several tourist places in the city.

A. Artaxo 04/05/2020

Central place, a wide variety of products for lunches and beautiful decoration.

Teresa Morente Frias 04/05/2020

Very good bread and tasty pastries ... lots of variety

Imma Girona 04/05/2020

Very friendly staff, right price

Celso Arcas 04/05/2020

Breakfast of coffee and pasta

Rosa Solés 04/05/2020

They have good bread and coffee shop too

jose ochoa 03/05/2020


JORDI RUBERT 03/05/2020

Whenever I go to Gerona Capital I go to Plis Plas

Neycho 03/05/2020

I loved this very nice atmosphere very nice

Claudia Salcedo 03/05/2020

Good attention, has terrace, rich food!

Maria Jose Xicoy Martinez 03/05/2020

Very good, good breakfasts and very good workers

Jörg Höhn 03/05/2020


Mayte Parra 03/05/2020


Maricarmen Garcia 03/05/2020

Close to Girona station.Good prices and service

Om Nizar y ghali 03/05/2020


Lucas Pruzzo 03/05/2020

Excellent attention.

María Romero Sánchez 03/05/2020

Pretty and cheap

keila marte 03/05/2020

Lots of variety, very good

Peace Wagon 04/05/2019

Best price, they know how to make coffee and in a perfect situation.

O Nate 04/05/2019

Great place to catch up after walking all day.

Enrique Urdin 04/05/2019

Cozy room good service some delicious sandwiches and good coffee

Carolina Garcia 04/05/2019

In the center of Girona Good attention to good product and good price

Jurgita Dargyte 04/05/2019

Have breakfast or snack a very good place. All rich, freshly made and very attentive staff

Aura Cenan 04/05/2019

I like everything

Mali Ibañez 04/05/2019

Excellent place to have a coffee while waiting for the train.

Fina Solé 03/05/2019

A good breakfast!

Tirabon Feeds 03/05/2019

To perfect

Lola Ruiz 03/05/2019

Good coffee and good pastry.

Ariadna Viñolas Riera 03/05/2019

Good, nice, cheap Although the attention could be improved

maria fragoso 03/05/2019

Good food good service

jordi perez 03/05/2019

Good breakfasts at a good price. Central and with good treatment

Damià Vall Arjó 04/05/2018

Good service, good coffees, pastries and sandwiches, a tad expensive

Núria Anaya 04/05/2018


Camilo Osorio 04/05/2018

Excellent service

Jerry Dap 04/05/2018

Very nice eaten and drunk for a super low price! Price quality is top here!

Saratou Deme 04/05/2018

Superb place, friendly welcome, good chocolate, I recommend it :)

David Salvador 04/05/2018

Good coffee, fresh pastries and quick service.

mohamed el hadi Khalfi 04/05/2018

Judicious paella

piotrek liszka 04/05/2018

Delicious coffee, good sandwiches, very low prices. I recommend this place for a quick snack before continuing

Alexandru Mina Dascalitei 04/05/2018

Whenever I have gone I have eaten well.

John Stanis 04/05/2017

Ran thru on Way to catch a train. Grabbed one small pastry and 2 ham sandwiches. After getting on the train wished I would have grabbed five pastries. Everything delicious very fresh very inexpensive. 7 euro total. . Friendly staff. Lots of locals. You can also sit down at tables and eat.

Pere Palo 04/05/2017

Very good


Excellent attention, good atmosphere, and the best prepared dishes

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