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Afores s/n Mas Casadella - 17133, Serra de Daró
+34 972 75 87 63

Masía típica catalana con restaurante para comer los platos más típicos de la zona y habitaciones para alojarse en un entorno rural único

Can Casadellà és una masia rural típica catalana situada al tranquil poble de Serra de Daró. Prové d'un antic convent de l'edat mitja i recentment hem adaptat la casa per tal de poder desenvolupar el turisme rural sense renunciar a l'agricultura i a la ramaderia tradicional. Disposem d'habitacions amb bany complert i d'un apartament ideal per a grups o famílies. A més sempre oferim als nostres hostes cuina de collita pròpia ja que treballem els camps que tenim al voltant, amb horts i farratges pels ramats de cabres, oques, gallines, porcs... Estem situats al centre l'Empordà, a 10 minuts de les magnífiques platges de la Costa Brava, i això significa estar envoltats de patrimoni, cultura, paratges de somni i molta tranquil.litat... però el que a nosaltres ens agrada més és gaudir de la cara de felicitat dels nens quan coneixen als nostres animalons i participen a les activitats del dia a dia d'una casa de pagès!

Can Casadella Rural Restaurant: Opiniones

JOSEP BARTRA 01/05/2022

Esmorzar molt bé, tracta agradable i casola

Albert Aguilera 20/04/2022


Josefa Pineda 20/04/2022


iña v.c. 20/04/2022

Exceptional treatment, truly authentic place and great food. Cheeks, kid, pollostre, calçots, cargols... Exquisite

siso vidal estrany 19/04/2022

Very authentic. Good luck.

Rafael Mora Gijón 15/04/2022

Lugar perfecto para comer en familia, servicio muy amable y comida en cantidad
Traducido del Inglés

Dolors Granados 13/04/2022

Good customer service and good food ????, all mansions.

Josep Recasens Carbo 13/04/2022

A very cozy restaurant, with good food, and very good staff treatment, excellent

moises cabanes domínguez 06/04/2022


LINA VILLÀ 06/04/2022

We were invited to lunch by some friends and everything was great we will repeat for sure. Very helpful and nice.

andrea lopez 04/04/2022

Spectacular! An incredible site, it made me remember my childhood. With the chickens walking through the field. The geese free the dogs the attention of the staff. Incredible a place where you don't have to go to look at the clock! Just enjoy a good time

Anna Soler 04/04/2022

Very good country restaurant in Serra de Daró. Perfect for group celebrations with lots of people. The spectacular food. Bread, homemade sausage, different types of meat and desserts.

Maria Victoria Lupon 04/04/2022

Superb food. Calçots, snails, sausages, baked goat, stewed oxtail, etc. Superb service too.

katrien bekaert 04/04/2022


albert roca noguer 04/04/2022


Josep Maeso Riera 04/04/2022

Very peculiar. You have to know where you are going, but when you meet them you repeat year after year. Very plentiful and good food. Proximity to product and patiently made chup-chup cooking. Don't move

benny Ferraris 04/04/2022

This shelter is only for people who have the strongest Calatanian mentality and eating habit

Ester Llavero Juan 04/04/2022

The experience is always extraordinary. From there, the screws to any stew they offer you, without forgetting the annealing that is super.

Carlos Pérez 04/04/2022

Good food and in quantity, from the few places you can find that are truly peasant and with authentic products. There is nothing like it anywhere else.

Manel Hernández Betrián 03/04/2022

Spectacular Farmhouse Restaurant .... Good atmosphere, good food .... Ideal to go as a couple or with children (they have animals and a small pool to take a dip after eating) .... ;-)

Alexsandra VS 03/04/2022

Brutal no, the next thing! Great: the food, the place, the attention of the waiters and the boss, the pool, the cocktails, the music, Mr. Eduard, Mamadou and Tulio ... I'M IN LOVE WITH THIS HOUSE????????❤

Miquel Sitjà 03/04/2022

Very good, very good despite very very good service and very good attention, very friendly staff. The screws make them very good. All very natural and earthy.

Anna Soler Canals 04/03/2022




Toni Strubell 04/03/2022

Great. A restaurant like before, Catalan atmosphere, consistent food.

cintia arredono 04/03/2022

A really nice place, delicious food and excellent attention. I recommend it !!!!

Leila Afshar 04/03/2022


Charles Ramentol 04/03/2022


Jordi Roca 04/03/2022

Calçots, grilled meat, baked lamb, all very good and a good indoor and outdoor space.

joan 03/03/2022

It is an endearing place. Food very good!!

Gustau Villagrasa 04/02/2022

Incredible, good treatment and top quality products!

Jordi Pons Cort 04/02/2022

Perfect, very casserole food with most products from your farm. A great discovery.

Joan Carreras 04/02/2022

It is one of the best places in the Empordà !!! Delicious food and great treat !!!!

Deyanira Muñoz 04/02/2022


Isabel Esponeros 04/02/2022


Leticia Ceballos Portillo 04/02/2022

Ideal farmhouse to eat, all great, incredible snails and Albert (the monarch) super nice and pleasant. We will come back for sure!

carles massalle 04/02/2022


Ferran Martí 03/02/2022

Fantastic. We go there every Christmas. It never leaves you indifferent.



Jaime 24/01/2022

Excelente y abundante. Precio más que correcto. Servicio impecable
Traducido del Inglés

Alicia Montero 04/01/2022

I've been very good. They allow pets. Very good food.

Joaquin Blasco Lopez 04/01/2022

Simply spectacular, you eat scary, the superprofessional waiter, 10 ... you have to try ... super recommended .

josep ma pons vidal 04/01/2022

Highly recommended, good stuff!

Jose Torro 04/01/2022

A very cozy place, very cozy and with Felipe's brother the king of waiter Albert first

Sara Gallés Villaplana 04/01/2022

Great place to spend the day with family and friends

ivan lopez 04/01/2022

If you want to eat well and see well in can casadella you have to be !!!!!!

Abel Cerrillo 04/01/2022

Rural and familiar place with a wonderful treatment from both the boss and the workers. A great place to go with children and be able to see the loose animals in the garden. Great food and impossible to leave hungry.

Ana Magañas del Valle 08/12/2021

Restaurante perfecto para ir en grupo, con o sin niños. Se come mucho y de gran calidad.
Traducido del Inglés

xavi m.rubert 04/12/2021


josep llausas 04/12/2021

Ideal for breakfasts or group lunches

Josefina Garcia 04/12/2021

Very homemade food, delicious. We liked everything. The dessert annealing was spectacular.

Oriol Lomas 04/12/2021

Spectacular! very good there are no more restaurants like this ... The well-cooked kid, friendly staff and the farmhouse like home. We will be back thanks!

esperança 03/12/2021

A great evening with friends

Juan Fontcuberta 03/12/2021

A very nice and quirky place. The Boss is a Crack !!

Josep Massallé 20/11/2021

La comida está bien y el servicio también. El restaurante está rodeado de animales de granja. Ideal para ir con niños

Elisabet González 04/11/2021

Super farmhouse different from what we are used to, we loved it, nature and normality among animals, employees and customers. Very abundant food with extreme quality! Very happy.

Isabel “Disco Móvil Platja d'Aro” Robles 04/11/2021

Super complete menu. You have to go hungry. Salad, sausage table with tomato bread, roasted vegetables, tongue carpacio, then a second to choose from among many, desserts, wine and soda, water and a shot !!!!! Weekend price € 30.

M.Mercè Caselles Puig 04/11/2021

A good time with good traditional food , served by a temperamental and simple waiter. The owner of the hat is fun and warm. Is it worth it!

Inma Tormo Cambra 03/11/2021

You eat well and for the kids it's great

Arantxa - Aránzazu 03/11/2021

Can Casadellà ... good food and better care. You will want to go back !!! Can Casadellà and Unisub Sabadell

Mamadou Barana 03/11/2021

A wonderful place ???? a place to eat well ???? both with family and friends, companion groups is ideal ????a 10

Ana Moreno 03/11/2021

A brutal breakfasts, we will return without a doubt, the beautiful setting! Super good quality price.

Elena Marti 04/10/2021

Very nice treatment, totally rural site. You have to like animals because there are loose dogs. Is there a pool. Totally homemade food. I went with my dog ​​and she had a great time with other dogs.

Robert Borrell 04/07/2021


Jose Gonzalez Uceda 04/07/2021

Very familiar, pleasant, carefree treatment, excellent place, country house with products from its garden and animals around, to feel like you are in the middle of the countryside

anna puig 04/07/2021

Restaurant in the heart of the Empordanet, to spend a great day with family or friends, where you feel at home. A swim in the pool before lunch, a delicious meal that you don't finish, in a completely genuine atmosphere, the animals, a glass of cava in the shade of the fig tree and the friendliness of Eduard, who it makes you laugh with its exits.

José Luis Álvarez Flores 04/07/2021

Old renovated Catalan farmhouse, they still have cattle, they make a very good goat cheese, very good attention from the staff and quite picturesque the owner of the farm, not suitable for vegans or vegetarians, if you go, you must go very hungry because the food is plentiful, too much and all. Very good experience.

Solangel Rodríguez de León 04/07/2021

The staff are very friendly and kind, the food is very good and abundant, great to go with children because they have a lot to enjoy

Sergio Salas 03/06/2021

A unique experience, authentic food and authentic atmosphere. You really are in the field. 100% recommendable

Felipe Seco 04/05/2021

If you want to eat well, quality in the products because they are artisans and also in quantity, do not hesitate to choose this site. The treatment of staff is very good. They have a swimming pool and a huge terrace that can be enjoyed a lot in summer. The rooms are vintage and very cozy. 100% recommendable.

Montse Molina 04/05/2021


Júlia Gálvez Gaya 04/05/2021

Amazing food !! All very good, excellent product quality and very good service from all workers, guaranteed return!

petri taher 04/05/2021


Jacob Fraile 04/05/2021

What to say about such a wonderful place !! It was not recommended to us, upon arrival we found it to be a great place to go with children as soon as we saw the animals. Despite the fact that we had not booked and it was full, they looked for a table for us. We already saw that the VAT staff was very busy and even so the treatment was exquisite both in sympathy and kindness. Seeing the menu, the first impression was of a scare for the price, but we decided to stay and to our surprise, the girl who took our order told us that they worked with closed menus and explained how it worked and her recommendations. That's when we saw that the price on the menu was worth it and that the value for money was very good. When they started to bring us a board + knife with the good sausages so that you can cut them yourself and eat whatever you want, followed by a tray of snails and another of calçots with their sauces that you were not able to finish yourself. Lastly, we asked for an entrecote que viva la virgen, which is a marvel of approximately 1,200gr, our faces went to and mother if they put half a cow on each of us. To finish an assortment of delicious homemade desserts accompanied by a coffee. All with wine and soda VAT included in the menu. To us, the truth is that they will see us many more times, and I recommend to those who like to eat quality and fill their crops that do not hesitate, the experience is great, the quality is unsurpassed and they will surely surprise you with the animals. We will be back!!!!!

Ferran Cat 04/05/2021

Place to go without breakfast !! It eats very well and a lot. Very friendly and attentive service

Carles Candelario 04/05/2021

Spectacular. Food quality at a very good price. Exquisite staff treatment. The owner Edward makes you feel at home. Highly recommended. And we will be back for sure.

Aure GG 03/05/2021

The food is exquisite, the staff very attentive and very good people. I love the place where it is located and with the animals that are there, it makes it even more welcoming. Ideal to distract children :)

aleix hernandez 03/05/2021

Good place for breakfast! Sausage table, of good quality, where you are served the whole piece and you can cut to your liking. They also serve a very meaty and tasty tomato salad. Sausage table, salad and cigalón for 10 euros. You can also order beef-style entrees with mushrooms and chicken with prawns, and desserts. Good deal. I will be back.

Jaume Sala 03/05/2021

Authentic rural agrotourism, with people from the countryside, who live on the farm. Excellent cuisine, with products from the same farmhouse.

oscar ulloa rodriguez 03/05/2021

Very rural restaurant with high quality food, both the starters (sausages, cheese and salads), they put your guts so that you can cut yourself whatever you want, and seconds made with animals from the same farm. All the stews are very well cooked.

proves dumoulin 03/05/2021

The strongest point is the staff: attentive, friendly, they joke with customers, they go out of their way to find a place even if you haven't booked ... I would give you 10 stars if I had the chance! The food ... Delicious !!!!! Try the sea and mountains and their sauce !!! And the mint custard !!! We will be back for sure !!!

David Lladó 03/05/2021

Go back !! It eats phenomenal, the waiters are very attentive, as well as friendly ... a place where the animals are loose, the children will have fun ????????


Farmhouse with all the basic components, a very good peasant food, a tray of homemade sausages from the farmhouse, a salad from the garden, a whole grilled steak, snails, calçots, all with very complete portions. To water with table wine from the Empordà. Important dessert, fresh annealing made with homemade jam. A place like few. All set without luxuries or pretensions, with what is a farmhouse with its animals camping, the bonfire in sight and the master Eduard close to give you what you need, with coffee and ratafia included. 5 stars. It's what you expect and more!

Beatrice Guberman Turuani 04/05/2020


Liliya El Bardi 04/05/2020

Spectacular! I love all! The food, the attention the environment, the environment, UNBEATABLE! Thank you! We will return without a doubt. Highly recommended for events, birthdays, or to spend the day

Marta Martona 04/05/2020

Rural world Stay 4 days in the apartment. Excellent Good food and better treatment. Ideal for children. They make us feel at home. Thank you so much!

Pep Ferrer 04/05/2020


Tomas Sanchez 04/05/2020

Buena comida

Taller Briera 03/05/2020

FANTASTIC. We have made a breakfast with ground sausages and some stews for licking your fingers, saucepan with spinach, liver with onion, ribbon with beans ... Family treatment that transports you to the time of our grandparents. A totally recommended experience. Enjoy the moment.

Dani Rocandio Clua 03/05/2020

Rural house and restaurant. You can enjoy their cuisine made with products harvested by themselves. The food spectacular and in quantity. The very familiar treatment. We were also able to enjoy your pool as well as see and be with farm animals. The truth is that we spend the whole day enjoying.

Yolanda Vico 03/05/2020

We booked by phone without problems. When we arrived, the place seemed very authentic, both for the environment where it is located, as well as for the amount of animals they have and how well the farmhouse is. The homemade food, very rich and in large quantities (if you don't finish the second one, they will give it to you to take away). We did the € 30 menu that includes salad, bread with tomato, snails and a table of cold cuts! For second we ordered veal with mushrooms, chicken with escamarlanes and baked lamb (supplement € 5). For dessert, Catalan cream, cake with 3 chocolates and "recuit" cottage cheese + wine, water and soda. I have to admit that although I am not passionate about snails, I provided them and they were delicious. In addition, although they are delicious alone, they are served with aioli and homemade tomato sauce that reminded me of my grandmother's ratatouille / samfaina. Mamadou, the waiter who served us super attentive and friendly. Just like the owner who went with barretina, who when he saw that a person at the table did not eat snails because they did not like them, he brought him cod and without asking! Without a doubt a very good experience that we recommend and we hope to repeat! Thank you very much Can Casadellà :)

Karl McGrath 04/05/2019


Pilar Palos Sastre 04/05/2019

I loved it. The treatment very well, can not be overcome and very natural products, which is not found today in many places. Go on, guys, keep going.

Angel Baro 04/05/2019


Carme Llimiana 04/05/2019

Catalan cuisine, chup cuisine, chop for a long time in the kitchen and with great care and with high quality products. Undoubtedly km.0. The sensational dish of anecdotal. No "plumeja" it is noticeable that poultry has room for "campar". And we do not talk about annealing ... and accompaniment ... eating the gods. Treat plain and kind. We will repeat

Pere Claveria 03/05/2019

Extraordinary Sunday plan. We were 3 families, we arrived early, about an hour before the reservation, as it was a good day we thought we were outside the place making an aperitif, the surprise is that there are not several meal shifts, only one shift per service, Great !!! There is no letter, we are told what is going to be served first and from 6 seconds we choose 3 to share. For the children, children's menu, macaroni and roast chicken with fries, the children's dishes arrive right away and the chicken looks great, almost that the adults also make us eat, we tried it and yes, it is exquisite. For those older than first year, salad, sausages, calçots and snails, all very tasty, the aioli and romesco, delicious, as they should be. Second, duck with turnips, veal with mushrooms and roast kid, hearty portions, impossible to finish, they give for each diner to taste everything and on. At this point the children have finished eating and are playing outside, there is a soccer field and a farm full of animals where the little ones have a great time, incredible, food without children, also all great. Speaking the hours go by, it is almost 6:00 p.m. and we have sat down at 1:30 p.m., no rush for anything, that is appreciated. The price is not cheap, € 35 per adult, € 15 per child, the food is first class, without complications, house roasts and top quality products, nothing to object. Perfect plan, friends, good food, without haste and with the children enjoying the outdoors. We will repeat for sure.

Ferran Gascon 03/05/2019

We ate very well. It is a home-made restaurant with Catalan cuisine that, in addition to the restaurant, has a farm and fields, and everything you eat produces it there by themselves. More km0 impossible! They work without a letter, they have a menu of € 30 and one of € 35. Both start with salad, sausages, escalivada and snails. And secondly, there are different types of stewed meats. The desserts also beautiful, especially the anise! We liked it a lot and we recommend it! ????

Albert Cabana 03/05/2019

Spectacular !!! Homemade cuisine, elaborate, with quantity and at the right price! Ideal for groups! Sausage table, salad, snails, chicken with prawns, beef stew, annealing ... All made by them !!

Fernando Montilla 04/05/2018


Jordi Tamariu 04/05/2018


Berta 04/05/2018

Restaurant and country house in the middle of nature. Where is a large vegetable garden and farm animals. Traditional Catalan cuisine with own harvesting products. A pleasure for the palate. Very familiar service They are very attentive.

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