About EL Trull de Cal Arrufat

Mas Arrufat SN Taravaus - 17743, Vilanant
+34 660 11 92 26

El restaurant El Trull de Ca l’Arrufat es troba situat en un entorn tranquil i ocupa el que va ser la quadra d’una antiga masia catalana. Es pot gaudir dels esmorzars i els dinars tant a l’interior, amb el caliu de la llar de foc, o a la terrassa exterior, on els més petits trobaran una zona de jocs.

Opening hours

  • Monday: 12:00–17:00
  • Tuesday: 12:00–17:00
  • Wednesday: 12:00–17:00
  • Thursday: 9:00–17:00
  • Friday: 9:00–17:00
  • Saturday: 9:00–17:00
  • Sunday: 9:00–17:00

EL Trull de Cal Arrufat: Reviews

Laura Jaime i Femenia 20/05/2022

Thank you for the welcome. Good luck. The place is authentic ...

Joan Ferrer Rocosa 13/05/2022

Great. Everything fantastic, especially the staff. A magnificent finding.

Josep Maria Marti Cebrian 08/05/2022

Very good quality. Healthy. Good price

Fernando Prieto 03/05/2022

Forquilla breakfast excellent quality price !! Starter of sausages, combined plate of meat, bread, drinks and coffee for € 10, what more could you ask for? There are few such restaurants left.

Carolina Grahn 03/05/2022

Every day we go to eat the menu, which is very good for price and quality, it has several dishes to choose from both first and second, as well as a salad buffet to choose, dessert, drinks and coffee included, let's go to the one who like to eat in quantity here they will offer it to you. I recommend it.

Ramon Aranda 03/05/2022

We ended up here by pure chance and the truth is that we welcomed chance. Homemade food with Empordà cuisine. An extensive, varied menu and good portions at a price really suitable for all budgets. Despite being fairly staffed, they are very attentive and friendly. We'll be coming back.

Jeff Deplaine 03/05/2022

A restaurant where you eat good Catalan cuisine, very well cooked. I regularly enjoy snails and other regional dishes. The owners are really friendly and the restaurant quaint. An address to share. COVID distances are respected.

Jordi Valderas 03/05/2022

This restaurant eats really well. Different menus, very good.

Mateu Clos 03/05/2022

Cozy place, very good food (grilled specialty) and home cooking. Good service and at a very good price !!

Francesc Serra segura 03/05/2022

Good service, nice atmosphere, very nice place, great food, value for money, super good, I recommend it

Juliane Huth 03/05/2022

If you can eat very well, you can get a menu here from Monday to Friday for 11 euros (e.g. salad from the buffet, canelloni, pork cheeks, dessert). These four things including a drink for 11 euros. Insanity.

soanechko soane 20/03/2022

I didn't like the spicy casserole noodles, nothing else to see Catalan cuisine was acceptable. Go around the house service.
Translated from Spanish

esteve gp 03/03/2022

My experience on this site has been fabulous, keep it up, thank you so much for your kindness and service

Ivana garcia gimenez 27/02/2022

The place is incredible, the food spectacular and the snails one of the best I've ever tasted. The customer service is friendly and attentive, whenever I come to the area I try to go. A 10 cook.

Josep Audi Navarro 08/02/2022

Good place to unwind

Jose Bermúdez 03/02/2022

They are very polite and attentive, we go quite often to enjoy a powerful lunch...

joan pont soler 06/01/2022

Good food and good service.

Montsserat Martinez Cuniga 08/12/2021

Good and tasty their dishes

T H BORAU 03/11/2021

Country house near Figueres with a very nice terrace. Fantastic fork breakfasts of bread with tomato and sausages with grilled sausage, potatoes and drink for 10 €. To repeat

Angie Canals 03/11/2021

Lovely place very good food. Kind treatment

Julià Bertran 03/11/2021

If you eat very well, all very homemade, make a cullunut mousse

Enric P 08/08/2021

A place to enjoy gastronomy and time to relax

Jorge Chirinos 03/08/2021

It is very good, in relation to "value for money". And it eats really well.

Oriol Quirant Banús 03/08/2021

Edited 2021: With the subject of covid, they no longer put the sausage tray, and as it says in other reviews, the meats are not grilled. But even so, the amount of sausage on the plate and the meats are plentiful and of quality. In addition, the owners make a monumental effort to keep it open with the current situations and with state agencies that do not help much. Thank you for maintaining the level. Previous Review: Catalan cuisine, breakfasts with a tray of sausages and grilled meats. Allioli very good. Very good prices for the amount of teak. Very happy. Thanks.

Felipe Seco Roales 21/07/2021

A good place to eat very well at an even better price. I was there this Sunday, we ate in quantity and quality, the treatment of the staff was super. As an anecdote, a table next to us, complained about the price and honestly, I do not know where they are used to going, on our part and without hesitation, we will return and remember it✅

Merx pou 03/07/2021

Good place to go for a menu! Good food and more than right price! To repeat! Ahhh and quiet place to go with kids and / or groups of friends!

Pierre TIREZGUI 03/07/2021

Very good Catalan lunch with huge cold cuts and unlimited wine and coffee 10 euros per person super

Josep Esparraguera 08/06/2021

Very good, abundant and economical.

Jordi Fort Trigueros 08/06/2021

Spectacular breakfast and very good price

Maria Bäieş 08/06/2021

A rich breakfast! I loved it!

Mercè Mercader López 08/06/2021

All in all, well worth a visit.

Raquel García 06/06/2021

Amazing! Excellent attention and excellent quality, come hungry!

Lluis Ibañez 06/06/2021

A nice restaurant a great dina and the extraordinary attention and the extraordinary quality of the product a 9

Josep Tuset 06/06/2021

Very nice and very good price, I recommend for bikers wanting a good breakfast.

esther matellanes 06/06/2021

Ideal quality price. Very cozy and quiet place

Enric Simon 03/06/2021

It's a nice and cozy place with good sausages and good meat .. to go with friends and family. Affordable price

Eva Chica 03/06/2021

Forquilla lunch !! Everything is very good and very well priced, always full of bikers, a place with its charm, good service. Whenever we make a route through the Empordá we go here to have breakfast

Victor salas padilha 03/06/2021

Pretty nice place with plentiful portions and good quality. I was surprised by the starter of mussels in the roquefort sauce which were delicious (apart from the fact that they have come a little cold already) The lunch menu at a price that is hard to believe. Overall, a very good surprise

Belcebu 666 03/06/2021

Ideal restaurant very good quality service in everything they offer. A temple for bikers and lovers of grilled meat and sausages, the waitresses very helpful and the owner super attentive whenever I can I repeat highly recommended salut and gasss

Dani Mancebo 03/06/2021

Sunday menu very good price 15 €, lots of food with starter + 1st + 2nd + dessert and drink.

josep llausas 03/06/2021

Very good experience, good food good quantities and good price and very good service, what more can you ask for

Antonio Roldan 03/06/2021

Highly recommended and familiar, it was fabulous lunches!

Alf HP 12/09/2020

Translated from Spanish

Marc Viñas Tarres 08/06/2020

Great both in breakfast, as in food, very friendly and attentive staff

Xavier Orteu 08/06/2020

Very good food at very good prices and very good service. Totally recommended.


Good food at a good price. Very friendly waitresses

Xavi Bartrons 08/06/2020

Good deal. Room decorated with medieval history. It's worth visiting.

Benjamin Frrnandez Ruiz 08/06/2020

Very good restaurant. Good people and great rustic.

Virginie Nentoussi 06/06/2020

Very good reception, very good service. Excellent food. A real pleasure. Value for money very well

pisti1278 06/06/2020

A super cool place to go to eat plus a menu of € 11 pretty good

Jose Estrada Vicente 06/06/2020

Very good food, 100% recommended site.

MagicBusArt 03/06/2020

A very special restaurant to have a big breakfast with great service and wonderful location. Good parking with lots of space for big vehicles.

Carles Sole 03/06/2020

Excellent place to taste sausages in the area and eat to the large, with a variety of desserts very select. Quality unbeatable price for against must be booked in advance on Sundays.

Pressen 03/06/2020

We have loved it, good food, good price, ideal to go with children. Very kind and attentive. We will repeat for sure.

Núria M. Duran 03/06/2020

Good fork breakfast and very good price. There are several packs of breakfast, the base is sausage, toasted bread with tomato and garlic and oil. Then a piece of meat can be added for a small supplement. Like cheek, botifarra, lamb etc. Menu price € 9 includes drinks and coffee.

Albert Ricart Vila 03/06/2020

Different place from the other restaurants that gives it a pleasant charm, with decoration of old things good food, nice and attentive staff, easy parking for all types of vehicles daily menu at a good price, stuffed very very good!

Eugeni Vallmajó 03/06/2020

Excellent but not recommended for tiquismiquis, lovers of empty dishes and admirers with the decoration, because it recalls the stages of the knights of the round table, the portions are very generous, the forks and knife breakfasts, the lunches with the memory of the Our grandmothers' cuisine, the service fast and attentive, and the atmosphere friendly and comfortable so as not to be overwhelmed with luxuries and large dishes that show off by their scarcity.

Elisabeth Fosar 03/06/2020

Totally recommended. Excellent food, good price and very friendly treatment. Thank you very much for letting us know the ratafia !!

Monica Fosar 03/06/2020

Great food, good service and amazing people!!!

Therese Moufarej 08/06/2019

I love.I like the dish of snails and especially the chicken groc.je the advises

Manuel Fernández 08/06/2019

A great place to eat Good quality, best recommended service without a doubt

Miguel Toribio 08/06/2019

Nice place, good atmosphere and good biker lunches.

Kiku 08/06/2019

The best breakfast of the high ampurda

Arely Lopez 08/06/2019

A great place, it's the first time we went and we were delighted. So recommended

German de Juana Fernandez 06/06/2019

Very good cuisine and service

Ricard Puig 03/06/2019

Very good relation quality price. Fork breakfast is 10!

Toni Dimoni 03/06/2019

Medieval restaurant With a very good and generous menu. Sausage lunches. Cool.

Emilio Ramon 03/06/2019

authentic, good product, own parking ...

Albert Verdaguer 03/06/2019

Moooolt good place to have breakfast, All three M, Lots of quantity Lots of quality and Very good price

Béatrice Boyer 08/06/2018

Breakfast too good and too rich in a typically Catalan atmosphere

cobrettione1 08/06/2018

Awesome biker lunch. Sausage table Until artarte and grilled meat

Miquel MProductions 08/06/2018

The bikers enjoyed it, had a very good breakfast, a good price and the staff with a good mood

Daniel Musolino 08/06/2018

Great place to go for a BBB lunch. The beautiful farmhouse and the environment tb.

claudia soria 08/06/2018

Beautiful place. Good attention. Special to be with family and friends

Luis Pastene 08/06/2018

An excellent place. With a particular charm. To enjoy the specialties of the Spanish countryside.

Toni D A 08/06/2018

Very friendly and very good food. Recommended for hungry groups

Lluis Sánchez Reina 08/06/2018

Very good service. Traditional fork breakfast and how it should be and good price. Fantastic.

aumento cuatromil 08/06/2018

Good food, excellent service !! And last but not least, very cheap!

Amparo Ladron De Guevara Silva 08/06/2018

Everything perfect has a very good breakfast .. Everything very rich

Monica Luque 06/06/2018

Fabulous cuisine, dishes very generous in quantity, great and exquisite quality and above all an unbeatable treatment, very familiar and pleasant., Recommended 100x 100

Fran De Asis 06/06/2018

If you want to enjoy both breakfast and lunch x ... the best place in the high wall. Quality price and served x very friendly waitresses and pencaires.

titan x 06/06/2018

Of the few charming places there are. For those who like to eat a lot and eat very good, this is the ideal place. Friendly, attentive and fast service.

Joan Giner 03/06/2018


Antoni Casanovas 03/06/2018

Very complete menu for € 11 during the week

FrankCesc 08/06/2017

Excellent food and good price

javier pazos 03/06/2017

Breakfast very good and well priced. Good attention and good atmosphere.

Rog er 03/06/2017

SPECTACULAR!!! Do you want to have lunch like a GOD ??? This is your site! € 8 and enjoy sausages and grilled meat accompanied by a bottle of wine.

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